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Acts of Evil - Another Marvel Event Launching in July?
Acts of Vengeance was a 1989 Marvel crossover that ran through the company's entire line of titles, in which Loki convinced Marvel supervillains to attack the Marvel superheroes they don't normally fight in an effort to throw them off their game. If it sounds like you've just heard about a similar concept recently, that's because DC[...]
DC Comics Brings On The Bad Guys Next Year
This smacks rather of Marvel's crossover event Acts Of Vengeance then, as now at DC, masterminded by Bob Harras. (UPDATE: Oops, no it wasn't, Bob was just on the X-titles then…) I'm told we'll see this in issue twenty of the DC New 52 titles, but this could also change. The current success of the Joker story in[...]
Is This A Fake? Or Is It The Real John Byrne?
John Byrne posted, warning people of a seller selling work that, according to John Byrne was not his. He wrote; Sharp eyes among you will recognize it as based on a promo piece I did for the "Acts of Vengeance" crossover But that's ALL it is, "based on", as in copied from There's no work actually by[...]
Marvel Continues To Collect The Eighties/Nineties
After a decade of deliberately ignoring their eighties and nineties works, Marvel have recently reaped the benefits of both big hardcovers and trades collecting past crossover events such as Secret Wars I and II, Inferno, X-Tinction Agenda, Acts Of Vengeance, Atlantis Attacks and Onslaught, while also spinning off a number of sequels in their monthly[...]