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Closing The Gate After The Butterfly Has Bolted
Look at the class, and cultural, divies in The Owl Service by Alan Garner or the brutality that stays just of sight in Masefield's Box of Delights.  Looked at one way, these stories are lovely Looked at another way, as Adi so eloquently discussed with Doctor Who, they're about arming children to deal with death[...]
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Pilgrim May Be The Cure For Hellblazer Withdrawal Symptoms
Bleeding Cool's own Adi Tantimedh described it as 'a series that's like HELLBLAZER written by Alan Garner' and he's absolutely right, it's brilliant, nasty, very British stuff and, somehow, it's found a home on BBC radio which isn't exactly the friendliest genre fiction environment Nonetheless, Pilgrim has thrived there and the new series started this[...]