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Fox Searchlight Films Will Get Released In Theaters
During a recent roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney's Alan Horn took some time to speak about the future of Fox Searchlight Pictures. Much has been said recently with the Fox acquisition with speculation that their films could go straight to Hulu rather than Disney+ As recently as early October, Fox Searchlight co-chairs Stephan Gilula and Nancy Utley[...]
Gossip: So What Did Happen With Marvel and Sony Over Spider-Man Anyway?
He did take time to thank fans for their support and even quoted his mentor/surrogate father figure Tony Stark from Avengers: Endgame, "I love you 3000." Fans started the #SaveSpiderMan campaign on social media for the two companies to reconsider. Holland used his clout from the future commitment to star in Sony's Uncharted, based on the[...]
'The Mandalorian' Was Kathleen Kennedy's Idea says Alan Horn
As Disney and Lucasfilm move towards the next chapters of the Cosmic Conflict saga which includes forays into streaming service Disney+ Star Wars television series like The Mandalorian, Disney Film Chief Alan Horn has some things to say about the future for the House of Mouse. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Horn touched on a few different topics[...]
Disney Reportedly Standing Firm on Not Reinstating James Gunn
It would appear that despite the vocal outpouring of support for Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios are standing by their (at present) decision to NOT reinstate the fired director for the third installment. According to Variety, a "civil and professional"meeting took place on Tuesday between Gunn and Chairman of The[...]