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Review: Will Wood's "The Normal Album" - Anything But, And Better
His newest album, The Normal Album, is out today! "…well, better than the alternative" is a track we can't really discuss without deferring to Will here, in the interview we conducted with the artist a few days ago There are some allusions to Stranger Things and the character Eleven, whose actress, Millie Bobby Brown, may or may[...]
A "Normal" Interview With Musician Will Wood, Part 2
Yes, I kept some skull shards. And what of "…well, better than the alternative"? What was the inspiration for this song? I'm sure we have a few preconceived notions about what it could mean on our part, but we'll keep it at that. "Better than the Alternative" is tough to talk about – I've done everything I[...]
Alamo Value Plus – It's Clerks Vs. The Nazis
Alternative Comics is taking Rusty Jordan's Alamo Value Plus #1 from Revival House to a wider audience in April. With a little Clerks-style, the comic features laid-back cashiers at the discount grocery store Alamo Value Plus, Tony and Duane, as they learn of the sometimes dangerous, always hilarious adventures of their manager, Baldemar Pretzeldorf and his[...]