Review: Will Woods The Normal Album &#8211 Anything But And Better

Review: Will Wood's "The Normal Album" – Anything But, And Better

His newest album, The Normal Album, is out today![/caption]"...well, better than the alternative" is a track we can't really discuss without deferring to Will here, in the interview we conducted with the artist a few days ago There are some allusions to Stranger Things and the character Eleven, whose actress, Millie Bobby Brown, may or may[...]

Even More Normal Interview Questions With Musician Will Wood

Even More "Normal" Interview Questions With Musician Will Wood

Yes, I kept some skull shards. what of “...well, better than the alternative”? What was the inspiration for this song? I'm sure we have a few preconceived notions about what it could mean on our part, but we'll keep it at that."Better than the Alternative" is tough to talk about – I’ve done everything I[...]

A Perfectly Normal Interview With Musician Will Wood

A Perfectly "Normal" Interview With Musician Will Wood

Multitalented musician Will Wood has got a new album out on July 10th, and we here at Bleeding Cool have gotten the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with the artist himself. We are very excited to bring this interview to readers today. However, we spoke at such length that there's more material than can be […]

Alamo Value Plus &#8211 Its Clerks Vs. The Nazis

Alamo Value Plus – It's Clerks Vs. The Nazis

Alternative Comics is taking Rusty Jordan's Alamo Value Plus #1 from Revival House to a wider audience in April.With a little Clerks-style, the comic features laid-back cashiers at the discount grocery store Alamo Value Plus, Tony and Duane, as they learn of the sometimes dangerous, always hilarious adventures of their manager, Baldemar Pretzeldorf and his[...]