'True Detective' Enters the Pink Room with "Hunters in the Dark" [SPOILER REVIEW]

We're closing in on the final chapters of HBO's True Detective, and it's starting to feel like there's very little room left for a satisfying conclusion to the slow, yet frustratingly compelling investigative procedural. "Hunters in the Dark" was the sixth episode of this third season of TD, and we're mired down in corruption and […]

Preview Denis St. John's Graphic Novel Amelia In The Monster 'Zine Tradition

Denis St. John is a graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and has been working on self-published issues of Amelia for some time, while collaborating with Stephen Bissette on other projects in the Monster 'Zine tradition. Momentuously, their work together is coming out this November in Vampirella: Faery Tales #2. Amelia was […]