Preview Denis St. John's Graphic Novel Amelia In The Monster 'Zine Tradition

Denis St. John is a graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and has been working on self-published issues of Amelia for some time, while collaborating with Stephen Bissette on other projects in the Monster 'Zine tradition. Momentuously, their work together is coming out this November in Vampirella: Faery Tales #2. Amelia was always a labor of love for St. John and now he's created a full graphic novel of the Amelia issues, currently available through Amazon in 200 glorious pages.

Amelia is described thus:

Meet Amelia, a beautiful raven haired femme fatale. Watch her seduce and sleep with the sleazy old man known only as The Mustache Man, a one eyed antiques dealer, in order to steal a strange object from his bedroom. A tablet with a carved eye on the center and intricate patterns radiating out. Amelia wants to collect three such patterned objects, the tablet, a box, and a knife. As she tries to sneak out of The Mustache Man's apartment she encounters a creeping voyeur who looks like a nosferatu and just happens to be her little brother, Sammy! Amelia finds a flowery infection growing out from her stomach that resembles the pattern on the objects. Then things get weird.

And Stephen Bissette says of Amelia:

…frankly, Denis's AMELIA is as satisfying, sensual, unnerving, insidious, and horrific a ride as the complete arc of Charles' X'ED OUT, THE HIVE, and SUGAR SKULL. Having both ambitious serialized masterworks by two of the sweetest, sickest guys working in comix today arrive in my hands the same week is a mind-blower, and shows how clearly we're in a golden age of horror comix, folks. A golden age that has NOTHING to do with the comics industry as it existed in the 20th century. This is the new mainstream.

St. John has generously provided us with the different cover pieces in his work on Amelia's single issues, as well as with an 8 page preview of the graphic novel to introduce us to Amelia's world.

Here is St. John's work on the covers for Amelia:

Ameliacover1 ameliacover2 ameliacover3 ameliapainting

And here's our preview:

Amelia1 Amelia2 Amelia3 Amelia4 Amelia5 Amelia6 Amelia7 Amelia8


Denis St. John is a horror cartoonist and graduate from The Center for Cartoon Studies. He's been self-publishing mini comics for years as well as collaborating on monster zines with Stephen Bissette. His most recent collaboration with Bissette is a very strange Vampirella story, appearing in November in Vampirella: Faery Tales #2. He also frequently contributes illustrations to Monster! and has done work for Topps and other companies. He collaborated on the 2012 graphic novel Bingo Baby with Jason Lutes and other CCS alumni. Before CCS he lived in Indiana, where he was a horror host at Atomic Age Cinema.

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