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"Endless Legend" Has Been Made Free Until The End Of March

Amplitude has decided to help those staying at home during the self-quarantine by offering up their game Endless Legend free until the end of March A number of players reached out to the devs to ask them if they could make their upcoming game Humankind free to play, but it's just not ready So the[...]

"Endless Legend" Double Vinyl Release Is Coming In August

"Endless Legend" Double Vinyl Release Is Coming In August

Some cool news for Endless Legend fans as the game will be getting a vinyl release for the soundtrack next month with select tracks. This album is basically a compilation of all their best works from the Definitive Edition, as well as having tracks from the expansions like Echoes of Auriga, Shifters, Tempest, and Symbiosis. You can already pre-order […]

Endless Space 2 has Surprised Fans with Two New Content Packs

Amplitute Studios has surprised Endless Space 2 fans with two brand new content packs today. Both were previously unannounced, and come alongside a week-long Steam sale. Untold Tales and Lost Symphony are available this week to add some more music and lore to the strategy franchise. To celebrate the launch of the two new content packs, Endless […]

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Endless Day Starts Strong this Year with Endless Space 2's Vaulters Expansion

Every year, Amplitude celebrates the studio's anniversary with their players as a kind of community event For the studio's seventh year of existence they're starting off with the reveal of the Vaulters Expansion for Endless Space 2, which will hit the game on January 25th.This first Endless Space 2 expansion re-introduces players to the Vaulters, an all-time fan-favorite[...]

Ampiltude Trailer Announces January Launch Date

Amplitude has had a weird development cycle since it was announced The game, despite coming from Rock Band developer Harmonix, went through crowdfunding just barely making it's goal, but in the end its succes saw the revitalisation of a long lost series.Well, the game's journey is nearly over as this new trailer has hit and[...]