Endless Space 2 has Surprised Fans with Two New Content Packs

Endless Space 2 has Surprised Fans with Two New Content Packs

Amplitute Studios has surprised Endless Space 2 fans with two brand new content packs today. Both were previously unannounced, and come alongside a week-long Steam sale. Untold Tales and Lost Symphony are available this week to add some more music and lore to the strategy franchise.

To celebrate the launch of the two new content packs, Endless Space 2 is available for half-off on Steam from today, March 12th, to March 19th. In addition, both new DLC packs are available for a 10% discount. The sale does hit the Endless Universe Collection, unfortunately. So if you were hoping to pick up the entire franchise from Dungeon of the Endless onward, you will have to wait another day for that to go on sale, or pick it up for the full retail price.

The Untold Tales DLC comes with 25 exclusive quests, 4 new Minor Factions, and 4 new Heroes. The official sales pitch for this one reads, "Are you into the more "down-to-earth" factions like the terraforming Sowers? Or do you fancy the community-picked gelatinous Sefaloros and their hero Ooblart Essacius? (…all hail Ooblart the galactic Jellyfish!)" Which, probably tells you everything you need to know about it.

Lost Symphony, on the other hand, gives you a whole new soundscape to explore with 7 new musical tracks, in addition to the Harmony Minor Faction. As you might recall from the first Endless Space, the Harmony faction is made up of conscious crystals.

Endless Space 2 is available on Steam for PC now. You can check out the new content packs in the trailer below.

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