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Antony Johnston Schools You On Reality Of Comic Book Marketplace

Antony Johnston (no relation) has a new Image comic book out, Umbral. He's also been looking at the numbers coming in. On Tumblr, he writes, For Umbral #1, 70% of our orders came from less than 30% of Diamond accounts. That's every store that ordered 10 or more copies. If you move that threshold up to […]

Antony Johnston Shares His Own Writer's Notes for Umbral #2 With Bleeding Cool

By Alasdair Stuart Here we are again, with Antony Johnston's writer's notes for Umbral Issue #2 featuring new cast members, new locations and just the tiniest hint of magic. As ever, these were originally published on Antony's Tumblr and are reprinted here with his permission. Antony Johnston: WRITER'S NOTES: UMBRAL #2 If you missed the […]

Antony Johnston Shares His Own Writer's Notes for Umbral #1 With Bleeding Cool

By Alasdair Stuart Umbral is, in a year crammed full of insanely good Image comics, one of the very best. I'm really fond of it, as you may have noticed. It's a great book and writer Antony Johnston has been producing writer's notes for each issue. We're very happy to reproduce them here. Do please check […]

Five Thoughts About Umbral, A Dirty-Fingernailed Fantasy

By Alasdair Stuart: I really liked the first issue of Umbral. Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, John Rauch and Thomas Mauer's new fantasy series is brutal, dirty-fingernailed fantasy of a sort that doesn't get enough press. Following Rascal, a female thief who sees something horrific begin its invasion of her kingdom and her friends, the book […]

Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres

I'm live at my local comic shop, Conquest Comics in New Jersey today and pondering the recent burgeoning of genre comics. Image and Dark Horse continue to roll out new titles along with some of their ongoing that are gaining a following, and noir and occult comics are still prominent from both, with IDW jumping […]

Where Do They Get Their Ideas From? Image Comics At NYCC

Alejandra Bodden writes; The panel consisted of Ron Richards (Director of Business Development at Image Comics) as the moderator, and panelists: Tim Seeley (REVIVAL), Antony Johnston (UMBRAL), Joshua Williamson (Ghosted), artist Wes Craig (DEADLY CLASS), Glen Brunswick (REALITY CHECK), Ales Kot (ZERO), and Kieron Gillen (THREE). To start, Richards asked the panelists how their ideas […]

Antony Johnston Talks About His Massive Ego

[vimeo][/vimeo] Filmed at Thought Bubble. Antony Johnston reveals the internal fight between ego and humility in every creator… or at least he thinks he does. I could do it so, so much better, obviously.

Avatar Plug of the Week: Fashion Beast #4 Sneak Preview

4 out of 5 stars Comic Book Resources "…an inventive, tightly-written and enjoyable comic." "…there's a lot that can be praised…" 5 out of 5 stars The Examiner "… a great first issue…" "I definitely recommend picking this book up." Grade: A- Weekly Comic Book Review "The art is lovely." 7.5 out of 10, Buy It Multiversity Comics "The […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Alan Moore's Fashion Beast #3

Fashion Beast #3 arrives in shops today, bringing Alan Moore's unearthed masterpiece into the limelight after nearly thirty years! Battered and bruised, Doll discovers that to defy Celestine is to look death in the eyes.  The world is on the precipice of nuclear annihilation and society focuses a vehement anger upon the extravagances of a […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Fashion Beast Reviews and Preview

Are you reading Fashion Beast? The reviews are coming in, and Fashion Beast #1 is wowing fans and critics alike. 4 out of 5 stars Comic Book Resources "…an inventive, tightly-written and enjoyable comic." "…there's a lot that can be praised…" 5 out of 5 stars The Examiner "… a great first issue…" "I definitely […]

First Look at Avatar Covers for November

Avatar Press reveals the issue covers to all its new releases slated to be on store shelves in November, and live for pre-orders from comic shop retailers as of Diamond's September Previews catalog.     Stitched Volume 1 Graphic Novel Written by Garth Ennis and Adapted by Mike Wolfer Artwork by Mike Wolfer Softcover Edition, […]

Fashion Beast: The Missing Piece of an Alan Moore Puzzle

No one redefined the comic book landscape quite like Alan Moore in the 1980s, and the year 1985 was one of the most creative of his career.  He'd taken Saga of the Swamp Thing to new levels of horror and brilliance.  He'd introduced the world to John Constantine, a magic con man and later, Hellblazer.  […]

Antony Johnston Provides Insight Into Long-Lost Alan Moore Project, Fashion Beast

Earlier this month, Avatar Press announced its upcoming publication of Fashion Beast, the long-lost collaboration between Alan Moore and Malcolm McLaren (founder of the Sex Pistols). The debut issue of this 10-issue series hits stores in September. Fashion Beast was written in 1985, during one of the most celebrated periods of Moore's career. He'd just […]

The Alan Moore Classic 25 Years in the Making: Fashion Beast Cover Debut

We broke the news way back in April 2010 about Fashion Beast, the classic 1985 Alan Moore masterwork that never was… until now. Here's your first glimpse at the cover artwork to Fashion Beast #1. A concept commissioned by Sex Pistols creator Malcolm McLaren , Alan Moore originally wrote the story as a screenplay. With […]

Antony Johnston Signs The Coldest City in the Coldest Cities

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Okay, maybe not the coldest cities but it is pretty damp and miserable up north as I write this. Antony Johnston remains one of the best writers, not to mention best kept secrets, in modern English language comics. He's as happy working in romantic comedy as he is action, […]

Tuesday Runaround – Mignola, Nocenti, Garrick, Lane And Johnston

MignolaWatch: Mike Mignola covers Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness for Penguin. Paul Buckley shows the design, but also check out earlier Seth covers for The Portable Dorothy Parker and Dan Clowes for Frankenstein. DigitalWatch: Dark Horse adds 100 titles to the Nook, as well as the Kobo Vox ereader, wth its social networking aspect… now […]