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Before They Were Gods: Yetide Badaki Found Herself 'Sequestered'
The actress has appeared on a number of series, including Showtime's Masters of Sex, NBC's Aquarius and CBS' Criminal Minds. But if you're looking for an early sign of the Bilquis-to-come, then look no further then her turn as the mysterious Keira in Crackle's Sequestered The 12-part mystery-thriller series begins as a courtroom drama and spirals[...]
Mirror Master Gets Cast For Flash Season 3
Damon currently co-stars on Aquarius as Brian Shafe and has also appeared on Star-Crossed and Friday Night Lights. Mirror Master was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in The Flash #105 from 1959 The character previously appeared in the original Flash television series from the 90s played by David Cassidy, father of Katie Cassidy /[...]
Hannibal Season 3 Not Debuting Until Summer
"We have exciting plans for summer."   Their plans for summer likely include along with Hannibal, the David Duchovny lead Aquarius about cult leader Charles Manson and the Heroes Reborn miniseries. [Source: TVLine] Where the first two seasons of Hannibal started in April and then February, fans of the serial killer series will have to wait until this summer[...]