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"Courage, Bravery, Valor, Guts, Prowess, Spunk" – The New Green Lantern Tattoo
That's the Arabic tattoo on the new Green Lantern's arm, appearing in Green Lantern #0 Just about And yes, according to Google Translate, it means "Courage, Bravery, Valor, Guts, Prowess and Spunk." That last one… hmm I know you Americans use it in a different fashion than us Brits… Anyway, why he looks like a cross between[...]
Mr. Smylie Goes to Dubai: Reflections on Middle East Film & Comic-Con
No downscale ironic hipsters need apply. The old souks But there was still some evidence of the more traditional parts of Islamic and Arabic culture peeking their way into the modern urban landscape At the entrance to the malls we visited were signs (in English and Arabic) requesting respect for local traditions – so no hand-holding (dating[...]