Sneak Peek: Paybacks And Archer & Armstrong's Eliot Rahal Teases Creator-Owned Project Dead Guys

Comics writer Eliot Rahal  is the  co-conspirator on the Buzzkill sequel Paybacks from Dark Horse with Donny Cates and with art by Geoff Shaw.  He's also been published in Dark Horse Presents and in the pages of Archer & Armstrong for Valiant.

Now he's definitely got something new up his sleeve while continuing to be the role model for comic character Doctor Blaqk. He's working with artist Jason Federhann and co-writing with Daniel Kibblesmith, an Editor at BuzzFeed, and former Associate Editor at ClickHole, as well as the writer on Blood Shot #25. Their project, which seems to have the working title of Dead Guys, has already got some art attached to it, and is currently creator-owned in the pitch stage. There is obsessive cult British sci-fi time-travel programming, there is a whole lot of reefer madness, and well, a cute hampster.

Let's have a look:

DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-001 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-002 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-003 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-004 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-005 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-006 DEADGUYS_pitch_colComp(1)-page-007

Where will Dead Guys land? According to Rahal, that's a developing story.  We'll keep you posted here on Bleeding Cool if we get any more gossip about the book.

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