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Full Solicitations For Valiant October 2014

Full Solicitations For Valiant October 2014

Valiant has quite a few interesting items on their October 2014 solicitation list including a new Quantum And Woody series and hardcover omnibus, X-O Manowar and Unity zero issues and the 25th anniversary issue of Archer & Armstrong.Q2: THE RETURN OF QUANTUM AND WOODY #1 (of 5) Writer: Christopher Priest Art: M D Bright Covers: Neal[...]

Archer &#038 Armstrong Headed For A Feature Film

Archer & Armstrong Headed For A Feature Film

Seems the comic series Archer & Armstrong is being fast tracked for a feature film The source says that the script has been completed and loved and production should start very soon.The movie is supposed to adhere closely to the current Fred Van Lente / Clayton Henry run and feature the One Percent (a secret[...]

An Ass Map Shall Guide Them &#8211 Preview Of Valiants New The Delinquents

An Ass Map Shall Guide Them – Preview Of Valiant's New The Delinquents

What do you get when you combine insanity of Archer & Armstrong with the outrageous antics of Quantum And Woody? Valiant is going to show you in The Deliquents from writers James Asmus and Fred Van Lente plus art by Kano all starting in August and we have the first issue preview right here And seriously..[...]

Preview Of Archer &#038 Armstrong #20 American Wasteland Begins

Preview Of Archer & Armstrong #20, American Wasteland Begins

Archer & Armstrong kicks off their 20th issue with a new story arc, American Wasteland. Writer Fred Van Lente and artist Pere Perez pit our two heroes against the most dangerous cult yet.. American celebrity. His whole life, Obadiah Archer has been lied to about his true heritage – but when he and his immortal pal Armstrong[...]

Valiant Effort: Like This Youll Like That &#8211 X-O Manowar Archer &#038 Armstrong Edition

Valiant Effort: Like This? You'll Like That – X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong Edition

By Jared CorneliusIn the summer of 2012 Valiant Comics returned from the grave, they rose not as shambling zombie, but as a glorious phoenix, but I didn't know that.  At the time I had turned my nose up at X-O Manowar and Bloodshot, I scoffed at the idea that the 90's were back and expected another round of Malibu or Awesome Comics.  But last year on a whim I decided to[...]

Valiant Solicitations for June 2014

Valiant Solicitations for June 2014

(Or the ones who were dead and…uh, came back?) WHO?! is the mysterious new leader calling the shots? And HOW?! will Quantum and Woody survive a second fight against the 1980s robots, mad vivisectionists, and evil astronomers who almost offed them the first time?! Wilfredo Torres (The Shadow: Year One) joins Team QW for this[...]

Advanced Look At Archer &#038 Armstrong #18 &#8211 Mission: Improbable

Advanced Look At Archer & Armstrong #18 – Mission: Improbable

We've got an advanced look at Archer & Armstrong #18, the first issue in the new Mission: Improbable story arc that brings the duo up against Bloodshot and H.A.R.D Corps Written by Fred Van Lente and art by Pere Perez, this issue will be hitting stands on the 5th of March. Archer &  Armstrong have been[...]

Christmas Swag &#8211 From Valiant to Marvel Pyjamas

Christmas Swag – From Valiant to Marvel Pyjamas

Our man Joe Glass has graced us with his voluminous Christmas swag all the way from Wales tonight...He details the contents as follows:Harbinger Volume 1 Archer & Armstrong Volume 1 Bloodshot Volume 1 Superman slanket Monsters University mug Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3 Bioshock: Infinite on PS3 Marvel Sleep pants Marvel wallet Marvel Weekend/Gym bagJoe[...]

Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics Chew Suicide Squad Batgirl Archer &#038 Armstrong Ghostbusters Forever Evil Judge Dredd Red Sonja Lord Of Mars Memory Collectors Triple Helix Superboy Wolverine X-Men Green Lantern Corps Coffin Hill Eternal Warriot Captain America Superior Spider-Man Team Up Transformers And Think Tank

Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics, Chew, Suicide Squad, Batgirl, Archer & Armstrong, Ghostbusters, Forever Evil, Judge Dredd, Red Sonja, Lord Of Mars, Memory Collectors, Triple Helix, Superboy, Wolverine, X-Men, Green Lantern Corps, Coffin Hill, Eternal Warriot, Captain America, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Transformers And Think Tank

So, it seems sensible to check in with Chew...Erotic? Really? Okay then Ken Keebler, what would you make of this from Suicide Squad?Could even you make that a bit of a turn on?Well, Batgirl, wasted milk and cookies would make me worry too.That's more like it, Archer of Archer & Armstrong at least has an[...]

The Sect Civil War: The Future For Archer And Armstrong Lies In The Past

The Sect Civil War: The Future For Archer And Armstrong Lies In The Past

But before the battle wages, learn how it began in a four-issue story arc starting in Archer & Armstrong #14 going back to the time of the Pharoahs Witness the birth of all the Sects as they put into motion the greatest conspiracy in history.. and why Armstrong may be the cause of it all.Please enjoy[...]

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Twenty Thoughts About Twenty Comics – Ultimate Spider-Man, Phantom Stranger, Archer & Armstrong, Action Comics, Invincible Iron Man, Hawkeye, The Boys, Thief Of Thieves, Epic Kill, Detective Comics, Thor, Before Watchmen, Think Tank, Green Lantern, Amazing Spider-Man, World's Finest, Earth Two, Green Arrow, Batwing And Action Comics,

Which is an odd one, most modern readings of Judas' actions peg him as a Zionist trying to force the hand of Judas to overthrow the Roman reign, one among the disciples who truly believed Jesus was the Son Of God, and that the payment was more of a peppercorn deal.I'm still enjoying Archer &[...]