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Titans presents a first-look at Red Hood (Image: HBO Max)
So it makes the first image in Mojsovski's post that much more interesting, with a scene set in Arkham that has a group of prisoners being filmed from behind- as if we're getting their perspective on what (or who) it is they're about to face Could this be a moment when Red Hood decides to[...]
Action Comics #1000
For about a year now, the word coming from sources at Rocksteady Studios is that the company are working on a new Superman game, which will look and play a lot like the Batman: Arkham series, but featuring the Man of Steele in a brighter Metropolis setting A lot of people assumed we'd be seeing[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man Seems To Take Inspiration From DC Games
This also seems to include the ability to fire of webbing traps, with built in sensors. Also, we get that great little stinger at the end of the trailer hinting at the inclusion of another fan-favourite Spidey character. Then there's gameplay elements. The gameplay style seems to mimic games from the Distinguished Competition more than previous Spider-Man games,[...]
Batman: Return To Arkham No Longer Has A Release Date
was not far off, with the remaster of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City hurtling towards its July 29th release date. However, that has been put on old it seems In a post on the WB Games forum, it was confirmed that the collection was now delayed indefinitely In the post, the publisher said: After reviewing the[...]
Batman V Superman Batsuit And Batmobile Are Free In Arkham Knight On Consoles
The internet is currently abuzz with the Batman v Superman talk as everyone mulls over the value of the trailer that hit overnight (which I thought was alright.) And as if it was planned, the Batman V Superman Batsuit and Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight are now going for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One[...]
Catwoman Is Getting Her Own DLC In Batman: Arkham Knight
The Batman: Arkham Knight DLC has been a bit of a mess There have been some neat cosmetics add to the game, but the story content in particular has disappointed many fans of those following. Well, Rocksteady are going to have a few more bites at that apple with the release of a ton of DLC[...]
Batman: Arkham Knight Is Getting The Tumbler In September DLC
the 1989 Batsuit and Batmobile were added to Arkham Knight as part of post launch DLC for the game It's a neat nod and one that I'm sure has a lot of older fans purring, (at least once they clear the map of patrolling tanks and can actually use it in the open world.) But how[...]
Arkham Knight Gets Photo Mode On PlayStation 4
Arkham Knight is a very pretty game, and the world of Gotham is beautifully realised It really might be one of the very best looking games ever made, at least from a graphical standpoint up to this point. With that, perhaps a new photo mode would interest you If you are playing the game on PlayStation[...]
Be The Butler In This Awesome Alfred Arkham Knight Mod
A few mods have been made for Arkham Knight on the PC, regardless of the ports current dire circumstance One brought together the entire Bat team to the open world, and this does the same, except instead of bringing those who are adept in combat, it subs in Alfred. Turns out he can really kick some tail[...]
Play In Batman 1989 Costume And Batmobile In New Arkham Knight DLC
Arkham Knight's skin choices are pretty lackluster at the moment I've not been impressed with any of the addition batsuits in the game and the Batman Beyond one is most certainly a disappointment. This new round of DLC is pretty awesome though It's been revealed the newest DLC pack features the Batman 1989 suit and Batmobile[...]
Calendar Man Kept His Promise In Batman: Arkham Knight
There was a very odd easter egg in Batman: Arkham City that was only found in the last year or so If you set the date to December 13th, 2014 in the game, you could find Calendar Man sitting in a cell, promising Batman, "The end of days is coming I was there at your[...]
Batgirl Arkham Knight DLC Is Coming This Month
The idea of playing as Batgirl in Batman: Arkham Knight is a super exciting prospect I really like the character and being given full reign to beat up bad guys as her in the context of the Arkham Knight is exciting The DLC paywall she is behind is less so, but hey. Well, the DLC called A[...]