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Legion's Katie Aselton And Rachel Harris Sit Down For Ask Marvel
Katie Aselton and Rachel Harris, from FX's break out series Legion, sat down to answer fan's questions in the latest episode of Ask Marvel There were the usual inane questions like a super power you'd want… which got an unique answer of, "to always feel rested" To some better ones like how they felt after reading[...]
David Tennant Doesn't Know If Killgrave Is Coming Back
This is by far my favorite Ask Marvel yet Former Doctor Who, David Tennant answers fans questions including if Killgrave will return in Marvel's Jessica Jones season two, who would win between Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, which Avenger would cry the most watching The Fault of Our Stars and if he prefers pizza or[...]
Super Villains Eat Puppy Brains And Baby Hearts For Breakfast
I love and hate Ask Marvel I hate it because here you have people you could ask some seriously questions to either get at the heart of their craft or some insight into their current projects and instead the fans come up with fluff questions like, "What football position each Avenger would play?" But I[...]
How J. August Richards Feels About Deathlok In Season 3 Of Agents of SHIELD
Ask Marvel turned their cameras on actor J August Richards who plays Deathlok on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and the first question out of the box was how he felt about what his character has done in season three… Deathlok has yet to appear in season three so his answer, which had to be bleeped,[...]
Continuity Doesn't Matter And They'll Let Anyone Write A Comic At Marvel
In the latest Ask Marvel, mixed-martial artists and comic book writer CM Punk took to answering fans questions and the answers are quite unique He tells us that continuity doesn't matter (with a few added colorful words), that research is just a way to get free comics and that they'll let anyone write a comic[...]
Marguerite Bennett – A Tumblr Girl Escaped To The Wilds
The latest Ask Marvel focuses on Marguerite Bennett, the writer of Angela: Queen of Hel The questions range from 'which series got her into reading comics?', 'what degree you need to be a writer?' and 'how much research is involved in writing?' She also let slip her secret to fighting writer's block… a hot bath[...]
Fans Ask Marvel's Joe Quesada For His Missing Car Keys
In the latest episode of Ask Marvel, the camera turns on Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada as he answers tough questions like what mutant power he'd want, what the Punisher likes on his pizza, who his favorite MCU villain is and most importantly, one fan wanted to know where his lost car keys were[...]
Why Do Heroes Wear Capes And Other Things Asked Of Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare
In the latest Ask Marvel, fans got to pose questions to Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare The questions ranged from 'When will Thanos die?' to 'Why do heroes wear capes?' The later leading to an odd misunderstanding between the word 'bull' and 'bowl'. [youtube][/youtube] [...]