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Heroes Reborn #1-4 Solicitations For May 2021
But what's become of familiar faces like Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and Carol Danvers, and what deadly new threats have emerged in the void they left behind? And where does Mephisto come into it all? Thor Is Now An Atheist In Heroes Reborn #1-4 For May 2021 HEROES REBORN #1 Written by JASON AARON Art by ED MCGUINNESS Cover by[...]
The Beast – From Atheist To Agnostic
Thinking that when you died, you stopped, even though he'd been stabbed with the Soul Sword. Well, if nothing else, his recent encounter with Nightcrawler in heaven in Amazing X-Men seems to have shifted his thinking from atheist to agnostic… Even if its still a pragmatic belief. Mind you, just checking in with God Loves, Man Kills remixed[...]
Is The Beast A Very Silly Atheist?
The case of atheism is a practiced and oft repeated one. I've never been totally convinced myself, as I still have an inability to explain consciousness