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Percy Jackson: Disney+ Auditions Continuing In Search For Series Lead
Author of the "Percy Jackson" book series, Rick Riordan, recently reminded fans of the upcoming Disney+series when he placed a call for auditions for the coveted lead character The limits for who are able to audition focuses on actors who can play around the age of 12- with no mention of ethnicity The character of Percy,[...]
Home Economics: Topher Grace Reflects Breaking Out on “That 70s Show”
Grace spoke with PeopleTV's Couch Surfing on how his first TV audition turned out just as awkward as his character came to be and how it changed his life forever. Image courtesy of 20th Television "I had a weird origin story where I was in a high school play, and I was really only in that because[...]
Watch Dafne Keen Bruise Hugh Jackman In Her 'Logan' Audition
Now that the movie is coming out on home release and video of Keen's audition appeared on Entertainment Weekly When you watch the footage it becomes very apparent why Keen got the job She not only holds her own against a giant man like Hugh Jackman yelling and swearing at her the idea of switching[...]
English Language Remake Of Japanese Horror Audition In The Works
I guess everyone's forgotten about Oldboy already. Deadline reports an American version of Audition, the Ryu Murakami book that became a cult classic film by Takashi Miike, is coming. The new version will be directed by Richard Gray, and aside from changing all the Japanese names to Western ones, the plot will remain about the same: A[...]
Our Favourite Batman Live! Auditions
I met this friendly pair in Orbital Comics picking up my Fantastic Four #537 earlier today. They'd been to the Batman Live! auditions earlier, auditioning for the touring Batman show kicking off later this year And they'd been there with several hundred other people Here are a few in costume… Oh and a video too! [...]