Aunt Jocasta

Whats Gonna Happen in Outlander S4E11 If Not For Hope

What's Gonna Happen in 'Outlander' S4E11, "If Not For Hope"?!

As someone who very much enjoys Diana Gabaldon's source material, the use of dialog directly from the books certainly has made up for some of the more...interesting narrative choices.In Outlander season 4 episode 11 "If Not For Hope", we see a very pregnant Brianna (Sophie Skelton) arriving at River Bend to stay with dear Auntie Jocasta (Maria[...]

Who Are All Those New People in the Outlander Season 4 Trailer

Who Are All Those New People in the 'Outlander' Season 4 Trailer?

There were some new faces featured, ones we've been super excited (and totally dreading) to see in the world of Jamie and Claire Fraser, but we figured maybe we'd talk about them. first scene of the short promo trailer shows Jamie and Claire (Caitrona Balfe) together, talking about their future.They then go to visit a[...]