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Wizards of the Coast Retracts Censorship Decision - "Magic: The Gathering"
Here we go. Source: Twitter After nonbinary Magic professional player Autumn Burchett's cards altered with trans rights slogans were stifled from seeing play during the sixth Mythic Championship at MagicFest Richmond – and then when the decision was reversed – people remarked a ton over Twitter and Reddit that the reversal of Wizards of the Coast's decision would incite[...]
Opinion: It's Been a Tough Week for LGBTQ+ "Magic" Players
Source: Wizards of the Coast With the recent controversy surrounding openly-nonbinary Magic pro player Autumn Burchett being censored by Wizards of the Coast and then having that decision be rescinded (but only slightly), Magic: The Gathering players, especially those within the LGBTQ+ community, already had reason to be wary of Wizards of the Coast. Source: Twitter But to many,[...]
Wizards of the Coast Retracts Censorship Decision - "Magic: The Gathering"
As we covered on the site on Saturday, Autumn Burchett, a Magic: The Gathering pro player who openly identifies as nonbinary, had been instructed by a Wizards of the Coast official to remove the basic land cards from their deck before playing in the main event in MagicFest Richmond. I was instructed by tournament officials to remove[...]