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Video: Marvel's Official Release Of The Age Of Ultron Teaser Trailer – UPDATED

UPDATE: Now officially released via Marvel's YouTube channel. Back in the summer I was lucky enough to see the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con, revved up in fine style by Tom Hiddleston and capped off perfectly by Joss Whedon. The following video, which comes from the JARVIS app, plays out the big Whedon moment […]

What If You Cast A Part And No One Cared? Reaction To Spader As Ultron

What if you casted a movie role and no one cared? That is almost the response from fans and industry folk alike. The news of James Spader being picked to play the Avengers 2 big baddy Ultron has been met with mild approval and some people preparing to defend a choice that is getting very […]

"A Fantastic Take On The Character" – Brian Bendis On Joss Whedon On Ultron

Brian Bendis write the recently-concluded Age Of Ultron, which shares its title with the second Avengers film. But that's about all. Brian was asked; So Brian … How much of your AofU is this going to be? As has already been revealed… not much. my story was based on the concept that Ultron had been […]

Age Of Ultron To Be The Next Avengers Movie

We should have seen it coming, shouldn't we? *Raises fist to the sky* BENDIS!!!!!!! Whether that will involve more time travel, a dead Thor and a Captain America who has just given up, we'll just have to find out. Probably not though. Read Brendon's Liveblog from the San Diego Marvel panel here.

Robert Downey Jr. Will Return As Iron Man For Avengers 2 and Avengers 3

Marvel has just answered one of the key questions of the immediate future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:  Robert Downey, Jr. will return as Iron Man in The Avengers 2 and 3. "I am Iron Man." Tony Stark's famous closing line to the very first Iron Man film takes on new life today as Marvel […]