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Is Thanos Really A Million Years Old?
But today's Avengers #38 pushes that back somewhat for the comic books As the history of the Marvel Universe is rewritten, placing Mephisto at the heart of it for four billion years, we saw Mephisto tempting the young Thanos to attack the Earth… Is Thanos Really A Million Years Old? …and succeed, where he meets and confronts[...]
Avengers #38 Rewrites The History Of The Marvel Universe (Spoilers)
On Monday, Bleeding Cool got the word – and Marvel later confirmed – that Avengers #38 would be a bit of a gamechanger for Marvel Comics – and so it seems to be, retelling the history of the Marvel Earth going back to its very beginnings Four billion years ago, with the arrival of the[...]
Auto Draft
Bleeding Cool pointed out the reported upcoming importance of this week's Avengers #38 and suddenly Marvel sends out the following: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE COLLIDE IN AVENGERS #38! AVENGERS #38 Written by JASON AARON Art by ED MCGUINNESS Inks by MARK MORALES Colors by JASON KEITH On Sale 11/4! This Week's Avengers #38 Shows What's Happening At Marvel[...]
Avengers #38 Will Be A Very Important Marvel Comic, Apparently
But sandwiched inbetween is Avengers #38, on sale this Wednesday And, apparently, it is big news. "The Fly That Laid A Billion Maggots" by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness is a bridge issue between the two arcs, I have been told that it one that folk may want to pick up On the off chance I[...]