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The Holy Man Of Avengers A.I.

And, for his sins, he has just signed an exclusive deal with Marvel.The final issue of Avengers A.I, the less-than-bestselling Avengers spinoff comic Avengers AI, teaming up a number of robots, androids and other artificial intelligences into one team.In the comic, an Islamic character Monica is confronted with a moral dilemma that she turns to[...]

Avengers AI And V For Vendetta? Separated At Birth? (Spoilers)

From today's Avengers A.I. #2 by Sam Humphries and André Lima Araújo… Dimitrios, downloaded into one of the old Iron Man suits, indeed on that had a history of sentience. And who, fully masked, makes a proclamation on TV sets across the land. But did it feel a little familiar? More of a reference than […]