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Tom King Confirms Rorschach Needs To Wear His Mask
With one issue to go, he has also been attending Awesome Con in his home town of Washington DC Although not everything went smoothly for this ex-CIA agent-turned-comic book writer He tweeted out "Love seeing people at cons But yesterday we had a Rorschach cosplayer who took his mask off at our table You think[...]
action comics #1000 panel awesome con 2018
Devon Sanders writes: Awesome Con in Washington DC brought together some DC Comics' best and most legendary talent to talk about their landmark Action Comics #1000 issue The Action Comics #1000 panel was moderated by The Washington Post reporter David Betancourt, and on stage were Tom King, Clay Mann, Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz, and Scott Snyder (who arrived[...]
awesome con 2018 cosplay
Awesome Con is back, and bigger than ever! This three-day nerd extravaganza celebrates everything in the nerd universe — from comics to wrestling and everything else The inclusive, inviting convention is a haven for cosplayers and fans of all ages Friday was fairly low key, which was ideal for me and my assistant We had[...]
LeftField Media Acquires Washington DC's Awesome Con
In a press release issued today, it was announced that event organiser LeftField Media have added Washington DC's Awesome Con Launched by Ben Penrod two years ago, Awesome Con's  most recent show ran in June. LeftField Media was created by NYCC founder Greg Topalian along with Britton Jones, Mac Brighton, and Sharon Enright, and joins New York's Stream Con NYC, Play Fair and[...]
Celebrating Awesome Con 2015, Plus Cosplay Photogallery
By Devon Sanders In three short years, Washington, DC's Awesome Con has grown from a convention focused mainly on cosplay and a very few invited guests to one featuring celebrity guests such as Star Trek's originals, William Shatner and George Takei The ante was upped as WWE World Champion Seth Rollins and comics and cartoon heavyweights, Man of[...]
Costumes Can Truly Tell A Story – A Cosplay Interview With Katie Fleming
Cons like Awesome Con, DC and Baltimore Comic Con may be lesser known but still amazing! They are cool because you don't have the stresses of massive crowds and are a bit more relaxing You can mingle with people easier and just hang out! Where at larger cons, it feels like you are consistently on[...]
Warning! The Con Men Of Comic Cons
They've been contacting Awesome Con dealers and posing as the con hotel to get credit card information (Note, they could totally do this for any con with contact info listed, dealers or Artist Alley.) I got tipped off by con-staff from Anime USA Apparently these scammers' phone calls were confusing a ton of folks and the AUSA volunteers were getting emails[...]
Awesome Con '14 Con-umentary: A Cosplay Compilation Video
for Awesome Con and found cosplay abounding Watch all of the inventive cosplayers who participated in this video. You can follow Comics and Cosplay here: TWITTER › TUMBLR › FACEBOOK ›… INSTAGRAM › DEVIANTART › And subscribe to their Youtube channel here:… Also Check out Ian's weekly cosplay article at Bleeding Cool: Theme Music Used: Music Sounds Better With You[...]
Awesome Con In DC Grows 250% – Will It Be The Next Big Thing?
By Hashim Hathaway While everyone had their eye on the spectacle that is Wondercon, last Friday also brought a new and improved Awesome Con to the Walter E Washington Convention Center right in the heart of Washington DC For three days, a mixture of fans, celebs old and new, cosplayers, artists, writers and merchants all converged[...]
The Awesome Cosplay At The Awesome Con
By Devon Sanders Awesome Con returned to Washington, DC's convention center in a space nearly five times the size as the previous year's And judging from the size of the crowds on Saturday, every bit of that space was needed. All three days saw incredible cosplay on the convention floor. Saturday, Awesome Con Guest of Honor George Perez[...]