el camino

"El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" – Matt Jones' Badger Set to Return

After months of rumors, mindless speculation, and several instances of serious misdirection, Breaking Bad fans finally received the news they were waiting for: Vince Gilligan is returning to tell one more (???) tale with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Written and directed by Gilligan and set to premiere on Netflix on October 11, the […]

Mike Baron's The Badger Returns In February From Devil's Due/1First Comics

 Coming in February from the publisher with the most complicated name in comics, Devil's Due/1First Comics LLC is the return of The Badger, by Mike Baron, Jim Fern and Paul Mounts. Originally created and published in 1983 by Baron, published by Capital Comics and then First Comics for seventy issues, the violent superhero comic then saw publication from Dark Horse, Image […]

The Scribbler Graphic Novel By Dan Schaffer For A More Reasonable Price

Dan Schaffer's The Scribbler graphic novel is available on Amazon from $539 to $1320. It might help that an indie superhero movie adaptation had a limited release earlier this year, written by Schaffer, and produced by Ken Levin and Gabe Cowan. Which might also be why a new printing of graphic novel with added photo stills from […]

Neil Gaiman Cosplaying As Badger From The Wind In The Willows

Just one of a series of author photographs by Cambridge Jones, with the subject dressed up as a favourite childhood literary character, including Terry Pratchett as Just William and Terry Jones as Rupert The Bear. And yes, Neil Gaiman (above) as the gruff old brock…