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Gary Lineker Just Stole My Nine-Year-Old Girl's Lemon Muffin From Starbucks
World class footballer, turned sports presenter, turned household name, turned crisp salesman, he lives in Barnes, London. And less than an hour ago, he popped into the Starbucks on the high street Where my wife and my youngest daughter, Alice, popped in for a drink and a lemon muffin. Alice had her lemon muffin on the table,[...]
Get $30 Off A Nook With The Avengers
I was having a conversation with a retail clerk today, who expressed the opinion that DC Comics were defending comic stores while Marvel were trying to
DC Books Return To Barnes & Noble's Shelves
Bleeding Cool broke the story and provided the photographic proof back in October that Barnes & Noble was to remove 100 DC Comics graphic novels from their shelves a few months ago, over DC's decision to make them digitally exclusive to the Amazon Kindle Fire – excluding Barnes & Noble's Nook Books-A-Million followed suit, as[...]
Comic Book Wars Go Digital – Looks Like You'll Need A Kindle And A Nook
Barnes & Noble took all 100 of the DC print graphic novels that were digitally exclusive to the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire off their stores' shelves as an act of protest in favour making books available in all formats, and not exclusive to one device. And now today, the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and[...]
Barnes And Noble Comics A "Failed Experiment"? (UPDATE)
Word comes to Bleeding Cool that Barnes & Noble, previously moving into periodical American comic books in a big way, may be performing a bit of a reverse ferret. One Barnes & Noble senior figure told a Bleeding Cool source after San Diego Comic Con that the program has been a "failed experiment" and hadn't worked[...]
Marvel To Change The Face Of Newsstand Comics
Bleeding Cool has been the first to bring you news as to how both Hastings and Barnes & Noble have been massively increasing the amount of comic book material they carry. Well, Marvel seems to have sat up and noticed I understand that they are launching a massive amount of new ongoing titles for[...]
Barnes & Noble Embraces Comic Books – Pic
Alan J Porter, recent writer of the Boom/Pixar/Disney/Marvel Cars comics took a photo in his local Barnes & Noble store Last week, the store has six random comics hidden away in the back of the store. This week? A lot more And in a prime selling position too And look, one of them is Cars… DC seem[...]
Power Girl Pushes Out People Magazine
A Barnes & Noble employee writes to tell Bleeding Cool about the hapening-right-about-now stocking and stacking of comic books as part of a new move into the sector that Bleeding Cool has been covering for the past few months, as a direct result of the success Hastings has found in this area Looking at the[...]
Batman Inc And Flashpoint Hit Barnes & Noble
Bleeding Cool told you back in April that Barnes & Noble was going to be re-entering the monthly comics market in a big way in June. Well from the photo above, it looks like they are a week early, for DC product at least To the extent that  one reader finds a greater reliability on certain[...]
Comics To Make Big Inroads In Barnes & Noble In June
According to a number of Barnes & Noble employees in the USA, in June, Barnes & Noble will be expanding the amount and range of comic books they carry Already growing their graphic novel categories, I understand that reports regarding Hastings doing well with single comic books has encouraged Barnes & Noble to try the[...]