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A Comic Show – From Original Sin To Futures End
And Snyder's Batman Zero Year is out in hard cover. Original Sin #1 really delivered for me Sure there was little to no build up to this event, and I don't care about the Watcher, but it's Jason Aaron I'm already on board for this weird murder mystery, and loving the crazy mix of characters as[...]
Mysterious Strangers Draws Significant Advance Reorders – Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys And Six Gun Gorilla Don't Do Badly Either
Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys and Six Gun Gorilla all benefit from that, and retailers look minded to up their orders on Image and Vertigo launches, Ghosted and Collider. And for books that have already been published, a new print of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is gathering many, many orders, as retailers[...]