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EA Announces Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar At EA Play
EA DICE has announced the next update to Battlefield 1, In The Name of the Tsar which will bring 8 more maps, more battle experiences, new game modes to the biggest front in WWI. Players will be able to  get their hands on the new expansion live at EA Play this year, or take a look at on[...]
The 2017 Nordic Game Awards Give INSIDE The Top Prize
Twenty games were nominated in eight different categories, including Best Art, Best Game Design, Best Debut, and Nordic Game of the Year. The category winners of the 2017 Nordic Game Awards are as follows: Nordic Game of the Year INSIDE by Playdead Other finalists included: Battlefield 1 (EA DICE) Clash Royale (Supercell) Hitman(IO Interactive) Owlboy (D-Pad Studio)  Tom Clancy's The Division (Massive Entertainment) Nordic Game[...]
EA's End Of Year Results Show A Sales Record For Battlefield 1
They released their 2016 end of year results earlier this week, and it looks like Battlefield 1 took home record sales by returning to WWI What is noticeable is that there is no mention whatsoever of Bioware's Mass Effect: Andromeda which was released late into the fourth quarter (Andromeda released on March 23rd) so that the initial[...]
The Russians Are Coming In The Next 'Battlefield 1' DLC
As we've talked about before with Battlefield 1, the creators left out a lot of real world history like The French playing a bigger role in the first World War than the U.S did You know who else played a much bigger role? The Russians In fact, Russian casualties outnumbered the U.S four to one[...]
What's Going On With The 'Battlefield 1' Spring Update
The "Spring Update" for Battlefield 1 is finally running and DICE released a full set of details of all the changes and additions that came to consoles and PC yesterday Don't worry, a lot of what's in here is quite excellent, especially for multiplayer modes. credit//DICE First on the docket is Platoons, which is essentially a larger group[...]
'Uncharted 4' & 'Overwatch' Biggest Winners From SXSW Gaming Awards
If you'd like to watch the awards yourself, we've included the full Twitch stream at the bottom for you to enjoy! Excellence in SFX: Battlefield 1 Excellence in Musical Score: DOOM Excellence in Technical Achievement: Battlefield 1 Excellence in Visual Achievement: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Excellence in Animation: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Excellence in Art: Firewatch Excellence in Convergence: Batman: The Telltale Series Excellence in Multiplayer: Overwatch Most Memorable[...]
Correcting Historical Flaws To 'Battlefield 1' With The New French DLC
Battlefield 1 had a lot going for it right out the gate, with fans giving money hand over fist to get a copy in October for the World War 1 shooter, turning it into one of the last top selling games of 2016 But one of the game's biggest criticisms didn't come from anything within[...]
Battlefield 1 References French Battle Cry And Also Gandalf In The DLC Trailer
The first premium DLC for Battlefield 1 got a trailer yesterday showing off the French during the Battle of Verdun in WWI for the upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion That reference is designed to hint at the French rallying cry during the battle, but most of us know it as a variation on that line Gandalf[...]
Conan Plays Battlefield 1 With Terry Crews In New Clueless Gamer
However, in his newest one, he is going with something that came out a couple months ago. Inviting Terry Crews onto the segment, the host played a bunch of Battlefield 1 with the actor While Crews says he isn't a gamer, it's clear he has some knowledge of the medium through his son It's actually a[...]
This Battlefield 1 Bug Makes A Crashing Zeppelin Even More Spectacular
Here is a bit of fun for your Sunday evening. Battlefield 1 has been live since Tuesday, sending players back to WWI to fight across gigantic warscapes One of the most impressive things to see in the game is a zeppelin coming down in one of the bigger maps There isn't much like it in multiplayer[...]
Catch 12 Minutes Of Battlefield 1's Gritty Looking Prologue
Battlefield 1 has a tightrope act to walk The game has to be incredibly respectful to the source of its conflict, while still being entertaining as a AAA FPS video game It's no easy task and DICE have their work cut out. You can get a good look at how you think the developer has done right[...]
Battlefield 1 Beta Will End On Thursday
The Battlefield 1 open beta has been going on for a little bit, and weirdly, it didn't have an end date attached to it That is pretty uncommon for a massive AAA title. It seems that the honeymoon is about to come to a close though DICE have now announced that the game's technical test will[...]