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Battlefield V Is Selling Less Units Than Battlefield 1 Did Previous

According to some recent numbers, Battlefield V isn't doing too hot in the sales department and is apparently having issues surpassing Battlefield 1. Eurogamer has been tracking sales before and over the holiday season, and discovered that the previous game in the series did better numbers in less time than the current sequel. And in Europe, the […]

EA Credits FIFA, Battlefield 1, and The Sims for Strong Q4 Growth

EA has released its investor report for the fourth quarter and end of fiscal year, which ended on March 31st, 2018. The company pinned much of its solid growth over the quarter (and over the year) on franchises like Battlefield, FIFA, and The Sims. The EA Sports franchises have grown to nearly 90 million players on current generation […]

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EA Confirms 2018's Battlefield Will Be Battlefield V

EA has confirmed that 2018's entry in the Battlefield series will indeed be called Battlefield V, after several teases and a notable leak a few months back. EA will be offering more information on the game in an official reveal on May 23rd, ahead of EA's E3 press conference on June 9th. The official reveal event was […]

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Battlefield 1 to Stop Monthly Update Cycle This Summer

With Battlefield 1's sequel set to be announced during EA's E3 press conference this year, the game's monthly updates are going to be coming to an end this summer according to EA DICE's content lead, Jonas Elfving. Elfving made the announcement on the Battlefield blog that the monthly content updates, tweaks, and bug fixes would continue on schedule […]

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Battlefield 1 Getting Shock Operations Mode in June

EA DICE announced today that Battlefield 1 will be getting some updates soon that include new maps, a new mode called "Shock Operations", and monthly updates to the game for those who want to fight and not wait for whatever sequel they're working on. New maps are on the way for the "They Shall Not […]

2018's Battlefield is Reportedly Called Battlefield V and Is Set in WWII

According to a new report by GamesBeat, the new Battlefield game will be Battlefield V and will take place during WWII. Which makes it a pretty good sequel choice to Battlefield 1, which took place during the First World War. As GamesBeat reports: It was previously known as Battlefield 2 internally at EA. Battlefield V will return the series to […]


Battlefield 1 has Banned "More Cheaters than Ever" With Some Great Results

No online game is impervious to cheaters, and while Battlefield 1 hasn't had problems on quite the same scale as say PUBG, they still have to clean out cheaters from time to time to keep the fight fair. And it's even had some positive results, as the game has seen cheating reduce since last year. Sean […]

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EA Teases That Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Spoilers Will Be Coming Soon

In the latest post on the Battlefield 1 blog, EA teases more information on the upcoming expansion for Battlefield 1, Apocalypse. And then they promptly don't deliver. That said, we do know what is left to come for Battlefield 1: Turning Tides, which includes a new trial, access to new areas for base game owners, a whole new campaign for […]


Battlefield 1 Operations Are Now Open To All Players

Some cool news coming from Battlefield 1 as the development team posted an update letting players know that everyone can now take part in the operations. Below is a brief snippet from the update, but those who have been waiting patiently for an option to open up should take up arms and head into battle […]

Battlefield 1's Turning Tides DLC Details Have Arrived

Battlefield 1's Turning Tides expansion will bring four new maps, a new game mode, and more to EA's World War I shooter. All of the Turning Tides content will be released between December 2017 and January 2018. Turning Tides is the third full expansion for the game, which is actually kind of impressive given that most games only […]


'Battlefield 1' Competitive Mode & "Revolution Edition" On The Way

Battlefield 1 is going to be getting some new additions as EA GAmes showed off some of the goodies they have in store for last year's successful World War I title at Gamescom. The first will be the addition of a brand new competitive mode called "Incursions" that will act like other games' same modes […]

EA Had An "Outstanding" First Quarter Due To Battlefield And Star Wars

EA released their earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 this week, which credits their "outstanding" success on the profits earned from Battlefield 1, their numerous Star Wars titles, and their massive EA Sports portfolio. Specifically, CEO Andrew Wilson said during the earnings call, "Q1 was an outstanding quarter, with thriving player communities in […]

EA Teases Upcoming Battlefield 1 ESports Mode

During today's quarterly investor call, EA teased what it called the "richest Battlefield experience" yet. Which is the kind of verbiage you expect of an investor call. A great sound byte that tells you absolutely nothing, but hints at the promise of future profits. EA's CEO Andrew Wilson said the new content will premier at Gamescom […]


Origin Access & EA Access Are Getting Newer Games Added

EA Games will be loading up some new titles to EA Access for Xbox One and Origin Access on PC, and the titles are kind of surprising as to how long they've been out. The top of the list includes FIFA 18, Titanfall 2, and Battlefield 1, all of which will be free to play on […]

EA Announces Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar At EA Play

EA DICE has announced the next update to Battlefield 1, In The Name of the Tsar which will bring 8 more maps, more battle experiences, new game modes to the biggest front in WWI. Players will be able to  get their hands on the new expansion live at EA Play this year, or take a look at […]

The 2017 Nordic Game Awards Give INSIDE The Top Prize

The winners of the 2017 Nordic Game Awards have been revealed at this year's Nordic Game Conference with 2D platform puzzler INSIDE taking home four awards, including Nordic Game Of The Year. Twenty games were nominated in eight different categories, including Best Art, Best Game Design, Best Debut, and Nordic Game of the Year. The […]

EA's End Of Year Results Show A Sales Record For Battlefield 1

EA, predictably, had a damn good year in 2016. They released their 2016 end of year results earlier this week, and it looks like Battlefield 1 took home record sales by returning to WWI. What is noticeable is that there is no mention whatsoever of Bioware's Mass Effect: Andromeda which was released late into the fourth quarter […]

The Russians Are Coming In The Next 'Battlefield 1' DLC

As we've talked about before with Battlefield 1, the creators left out a lot of real world history like The French playing a bigger role in the first World War than the U.S. did. You know who else played a much bigger role? The Russians. In fact, Russian casualties outnumbered the U.S. four to one. […]

What's Going On With The 'Battlefield 1' Spring Update

The "Spring Update" for Battlefield 1 is finally running and DICE released a full set of details of all the changes and additions that came to consoles and PC yesterday. Don't worry, a lot of what's in here is quite excellent, especially for multiplayer modes. First on the docket is Platoons, which is essentially a larger […]