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Portrait, landscape or missing entirely? And a smaller volume 3 of the Battlefields graphic novel collection also causes issues. Battlefields photo used with permission. People have started wars for less Would any of you like to donate the worst crimes on your bookshelf? Send them to and I'll run a gallery of the most egregious. [...]
Garth Ennis Stars In Dynamite's New Humble Bundle
The promotion, featuring over 130 issues launches today and will run through Wednesday, May 25th. The Essential Garth Ennis Humble Bundle can be found at: "I've done some of my favorite work for Dynamite, and I'm delighted to see Battlefields, The Boys, Red Team, and the rest presented for a new audience," says Garth Ennis. Part of[...]
Dicks, Battle, Witches And Fury – Garth Ennis' Plan Of Action
Here's a few timecodes you might enjoy… 07.47 – Garth says that he's about to start writing the third series of Dicks, the Irish sitcomic that knows no boundaries of offense with John Mcrea, published by Avatar Press. 09.55 – He's planning a similar series to his Battlefields book for Dynamite, but for Avatar. 41.51 – In the[...]