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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for July 23-29, 2019

As we make our way out of July, we get some new video game releases for a few different titles we've been waiting on for a while, both AAA and indie. Check out the complete list we have for you below, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! July 23rd Automachef (Switch) Date […]

Battleship: Kitsch / Rihanna

Battleship: The Bleeding Cool Review

Peter Berg's board game adaptation offers explosions, epic CGI, and grid-based combat. But nobody has the perspicacity to say 'You sunk my battleship!'. Can it still rule the waves?

Battleship Featurette And "Moments Worth Paying For" Promo

There's a series of anti-piracy ads here in the UK that promote going to the pictures for the "moments worth paying for." The latest of these features some explodey and CG-heavy bits of Battleship – plus gawping looks at Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna as they in turn gawp at something off screen. It's nice to […]

Meet the Aliens – New Trailer for Battleship Brings Out the Bad Guys

I think this is our best look at the evil aliens of Battleship – by which I mean, look out for the shot of an eye. We've seen definitely the Halo suit before. [youtube][/youtube] So this is what our heroic servicefolk will be "squaring" off against. This is what they will have to "co-ordinate" their […]

Hasbro Updates Aplenty โ€“ JJ Abrams, Ouija, GI Joe 2 And More

Earlier today, Hasbro held a meeting for their stockholders and shared a whole lot of across-the-brand details. Amongst them were updates on several of their upcoming movie tie-ins, from JJ Abrams' Micronauts to the GI Joe sequel. Thanks to a Little Bleeder who went Full Bothan for us, we've gotten those details below. Here are […]

Rihanna Jumps On Board Peter Berg's Battleship

How curious. Peter Berg has cast Rihanna in his sci-fi adaptation of the Battleship boardgame. She joins the previously announced Alexander Skarsgaard, Taylor Kitsch and boatloads – literally – of alien invaders. Variety note that the current script revisions are by Brian Koppellman and David Levien, writers of Rounders, Ocean's 12 and The Girlfriend Experience, […]