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ComiXology Pride Month
ComiXology are having a sale to celebrate Pride Month with incredible deals on some of the most diverse LGBTQ+ creators around, so grab great comics now!
Up-And-Coming LGBTQ Creators To Watch This Pride Month
He's also known for his personal, auto-bio/memoir graphic novels like Not My Bag, Self-Obsessed, and the recent Nothing Lasts Forever. However, he has now made the move to Marvel, writing the company's first gay man-led ongoing series in Iceman A huge step for representation at the company, Iceman is also one of Marvel's oldest and most[...]
The Babadook Leaves The World Babashook In First Pride Appearances
It's an experience many a young gay man can relate to, perhaps. At the Washington DC Pride March And if not, what the hell! It's all a bit of fun, and who can blame the LGBTQ community for wanting a bit of fun and humour in their lives So this year, perhaps the Babadook may well just[...]
Kid Flash Comes Out As Bi In Emotional Twitter Post
Keiynan Lonsdale, who stars in The CW's The Flash as Kid Flash/Wally West, has come out publicly as bisexual in an emotional post on twitter. Lonsdale discusses finding how more young people are being their truest selves and living honestly, and that he himself is sick of pretending of being something he is not. In an honest[...]
One Of The Power Rangers Is Gay
Again, we will mention it here, so prepare for spoilers. . . . . Trini, the Yellow Ranger, played by Becky G., will be queer, possibly gay or bi (pretty much everyone else is specifically saying gay, but it is not clarified 100% in the film, and Bleeding Cool for one does not like to add to the long-standing problem[...]
One Of The Most Amazing Moments Of Affirmation At San Diego Comic-Con – Bisexuality And Beyond
Also last minute addition Michelle Soto. Going through a slideshow covering things like the definitions of bisexuality, pansexuality and fluid queerness It featured several popular bi/pan/fluid sexuality characters like Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness and Deadpool. Cheltenham mentioned meeting the President to discuss bisexual community issues, such as his suicidality within the community, and high levels of intimate[...]
Tales From The Four Color Closet: One Week After Orlando
I'm sad that I feel I need to add that last bit, but frankly, the phrase 'worst mass shooting in American history' is becoming all too frequently uttered. It was an act of absolute terror But it was also a terrible, harrowing hate crime A hate crime is defined as 'a crime motivated by racial, sexual,[...]
Tales From The Four Color Closet: Closeting The Classics
This is something he's had to do a fair bit recently, as Marvel seems to be making some pretty big missteps in regards to showing that commitment to diversity…one of which was actually in the interview. As part of the interview, they discussed the recently announced Hercules book coming from Marvel by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross,[...]
SDCC '15: LGBTQ Geek Year in Review
Maker (comics creator, Bent Con). Getting some info and news out of the way to start, Maker pointed out there is a Kickstarter for his latest project, Myth, and Amber Garza broke the news that after their first highly successful Flame Con, a LGBTQ Comic Con in New York City, the event will be returning next[...]