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'Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland' Special to Air Tomorrow
There are few actors in this world who can swear as elegantly as Sir Billy Connolly The 76-year-old actor, comedian, author, and performer has a new special coming this week to BBC Two Scotland, "Billy Connolly Made in Scotland". Sir Billy ConnollyPhoto by Featureflash Photo Agency / Be advised, there is a TON of swearing, in both[...]
Kate Atherton Reviews Gulliver's Travels
Not, this time, advertising phones. The Liliputians are a courtly bunch who like to end every other word with 'eth' and bow and scrape mercilessly to their king (Billy Connolly) and queen (Catherine Tate) and their princess (Emily Blunt) They are also master builders and compensate for the lack of electricity with sheer numbers and ingenuity[...]