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Bond Gets His Very Own Birth Movies Death Special Issue
"Excited" doesn't begin to cover how hyped we are about this one. As such, we're celebrating NO TIME TO DIE's arrival with a brand-new edition of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH Magazine, and it's one of our most stacked issues yet Inside this issue, you'll find essays on half a dozen different 007's, a look at cinema's weirdest Bonds, an[...]
Mondo Offering New Book on the History of Video Store Stickers
Check out pics and more details below. On the heels of it's massively successful debut at the Found Footage Festival's VCR Party Tour in Austin, TX, we're beyond excited to present Birth.Movies.Death.'s first book, "Stuck On VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers" by Josh Schafer. Schafer's book pays tribute to an incredibly important part of film[...]
Mondo Birth Movies Death Avengers Endgame Issue
Mondo is partnering with Birth.Movies.Death for another special issue of their magazine, this one in celebration of Avengers: Endgame and the MCU The issue will feature an exclusive interview with directors The Russo Bros., along with tons of the usual awesome articles looking at everything from surviving "The Snap" to features on Gamora and Doctor[...]
FANGORIA magazine was the gateway for many into the larger world of fandom starting in the late '70s.  The publication ran from 1979 to roughly 2016, when the departure of then editor Ken Hanley, and no new issues published since. Today, Birth.Movies.Death editor Phil Nobile Jr tweeted the news that Fangoria is indeed coming back, and that he[...]