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Viz Media Releases Solicitations For June 2020 Titles

ends here!For teen audiences.ISBN 13           978-1-9747-1067-6On Sale Date   2020-06-02Price USA        $9.99Price CAN        $12.99Dimension       5 x 7 1/2Format            TP/280 pages/b&wBlack Clover, Vol 21By        Yūki TabataAsta and Yuno head deep into the Shadow Palace to stop the elves from getting their hands on the final magic stone[...]

Viz Media Announces March 2020 Manga Titles

Viz Media Announces March 2020 Manga Titles

But when a samurai cat appears before him, his whole life changes! A legendary manga creator and a rising star come together to bring you this science fiction samurai epic!For teen audiences.ISBN 13           978-1-9747-1502-2On Sale Date   2020-03-03Price USA        $9.99Price CAN        $12.99Dimension       5 x 7 1/2Format             TP/192 pages/b&wBlack Clover, Vol[...]

Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations

Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations

The Hashira Tengen Uzui and his ninja companions engage Daki, but if they cannot handle her, will Tanjiro and his friends be able to take on one of Kibutsuji's Upper-Ranked demons by themselves?For teen audiences.ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0455-2On Sale Date   2020-01-07Price USA        $9.99Price CAN        $12.99Dimension       5 x 7 1/2Format            TP/200 pages/b&wBlack Clover, Vol[...]

Viz Media Releases November 2019 Manga and Art Book Titles

Viz Media Releases November 2019 Manga and Art Book Titles

Who is this boy and what is the true nature of the cursed power that Boruto has been given? And when Kara members show up to take back Kawaki, will Boruto and his allies flee or fight?!For teen audiences.ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0699-0On Sale Date   2019-11-05Price USA        $9.99Price CAN        $12.99Dimension       5 x 7 1/2Format            TP/176 pages/b&wBlack Clover,[...]

Adult Swim's Toonami Loses Anime Programming Hour Starting February 16th

And it is a name that must never be forgotten...” 1:00AM - Megalobox 1:30AM – JoJo: DIU 2:00AM – Black Clover 2:30AM – Hunter x Hunter 3:00AM – Naruto: Shippuden 3:30AM – Attack on Titan[...]

Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Vote on Best and Brightest in Japanese Animation

This year, new categories included are Best Performance by a Voice Actor (Japanese and English), Best Character Design, Best Director, and Best Fight Scene. The Crunchyroll community is invited to share their picks on social using #AnimeAwards.Voting is currently underway and will remain open until Friday, January 18th at 11:59PM PT--and anime fans can make their voices heard[...]

The Latest Trailer for Jump Force Shows Off Deku and Asta in Action

The latest trailer here shows Asta from Black Clover, which we already saw from screenshots earlier in the week But added to his reveal is Deku from My Hero Academia, which instantly had fans of the series excited It'll be interesting to see if they add more characters from either series as they have with[...]

The Latest Character to Join Jump Force is Asta from Black Clover

The latest screenshots from Bandai Namco showing off Jump Force feature another franchise jumping in as we get Asta from Black Clover We're sure there's a trailer on the way showing off his skills and awesomeness, but for now, the leading protagonist from the anime series is shown here in full glory wielding his five-leaf clover[...]

Adult Swim's Toonami Shifts Line-Up, Start Time in January 2019

– Black Clover Asta and Yuno are two orphans who want the same thing: to become the Wizard King Locked in a friendly rivalry, they work hard towards their goal While Yuno excels at magic, Asta has a problem uncommon in this world: he has no powers! But, on the day they receive their grimoires, they[...]

crunchyroll summer sale steam

Crunchyroll is Bringing Your Favorite Anime to Steam for a Special Summer Sale

Crunchyroll, the world's largest destination for anime and manga with over 40 million registered users and over 1 million subscribers, is bringing all your favorite anime to Steam for a special summer sale! From June 21st to July 5th, fans will get the chance to download favorite titles such as:The Ancient Magus' Bride (Season[...]

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure Begins: VIZ Media May 2018 Solicits

Things go from bad to worse when the Blue Nitro assist Acacia with fully reviving Neo! Will Toriko and his friends be able to pull through and save the world from being devoured? For teen audiences. ISBN 13            978-1-4215-9621-1 On Sale Date   2018-05-01 Price USA         $9.99 Price CAN        $12.99 Dimension       5 x 7 1/2 Format            TP/192 pages/b&wTitle     Black Clover, Vol[...]

Figures, Comics, and Posters- What's Inside the LootCrate Anime Box?

But LootCrate knows what they're doing.The LootAnime box shipped to my door this month is actually December 2017's box, as it came with a statue of Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, a Saint Seiya cap, Black Clover t-shirt, a free comic, and even a couple of posters. Sure, none of my favorite anime shows were involved in the[...]

'Black Clover' Anime: New Pic Highlights Asta and Yuno

Fans were given a fresh look at the heroes from Studio Pierrot's new anime series Black Clover, their adaptation of Yuki Tabata's internationally popular fantasy manga The studio behind the massive Naruto anime franchise also released some of the names of that will be working behind the scenes on the series.The upcoming anime's first episode[...]