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The Black Hand Suffers Performance Issues In Green Lantern
Black Hand, on the final page of last month's Green Lantern #42. That's the thing, many Black Lanterns at his age start to notice they can't perform as well as they use to For some this can be an emotionally upsetting moment, and they my long for the good times. From this week's Green Lantern #43, there[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Villain's Month – Week Three – Eclipso, Dial E, H'el, Lex Luthor, Arcane, Clayface, Ra's Al Ghul, Cheetah, Penguin, Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Shadow Thief, The Rogues And Black Hand
Black Hand there, causing the police to realise that doing this kind of thing might have been more than just a complete waste of time Mind you, in the DC Universe, I'm sure minimum police training is a little more involved, what with alien immigration through dimensional portal issues, repeated stolen Pandora's boxes and actual[...]