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Calexit: The Comic Book That Is Killing Steve Bannon
Calexit will be published in comic book stores and digitally next Wednesday from Black Mask Comics The preview, including an even nastier exit for Steve Bannon — I mean Eddie — than he got from the White House in real life, runs below. I wonder if he chalked the end first? CALEXIT #2 (W) Matteo Pizzolo (A) Amancay[...]
It was successfully funded on Kickstarter, raising more than $91,000 and was published by Black Mask And now, it will become a major motion picture. Osajyefo and Smith will co-produce the movie, according to Deadline, along with Black Mask's Matteo Pizzolo The publisher has been disrupting the comics industry by releasing quality comics instead of relying[...]
Black Mask Creators Talk The Benefits Of Comics At San Diego Comic-Con
Nick Kazden writes: At the end of the first official day of San Diego Comic-Con, Black Mask assembled a group of some of their hit writers and artists to talk with fans about the future of the publisher. "Everyone in Black Mask works in different genres, but comics are what brings us together," said Matteo Pizzolo, moderator[...]
Beautiful Canvas #1 Review: Crimes Of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Beautiful Canvas #1 — Courtesy of Black Mask Beautiful Canvas is a new crime (ish?) comic out this week from Black Mask Studios I say "crime-ish" since it seems to have a crime story at the heart of it, buried as it is under a few layers of super powers, made-for-TV-movie characters and baffling dialog choices[...]
A Tale Of Two Covers: Black #3 And Divided States Of Hysteria #4
The uncensored artwork could not be viewed anywhere in Diamond's catalog or ordering system, and while retailers could choose to order the uncensored version or a censored one, only the censored version, replacing one n-word with another more acceptable to Diamond, could be found in any Diamond materials: So why would Diamond insist on a censored[...]
The Dregs #4 Review: Let's Lynch The Landlord
It seems like he needs to leave the city in order to survive, but his entire life is there and everyone he knows is being rounded up, killed, cooked, and served to the next person waiting their turn to go under the steak knife. Courtesy of Black Mask Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson writers, Eric Zawadzki[...]
Eric Palicki Talks No Angel #4, In Stores Today From Black Mask
No Angel #4 is in stores today from Black Mask Studios Written by Adrianne Palicki and Eric Palicki, with art by Ari Syahrazad, colors by Jean-Paul Csuka, and letters by Jim Campbell But leading up to the book's release, Black Mask was keeping very quiet about what the final issue might contain. Or not. @judeterror Looks like Gmail is clipping[...]