Matthew Rosenberg Thinks Khary Randolph Was Robbed By Not Getting An Eisner Nomination For Black Covers


The Eisner nominations were released earlier today, and could those judges be any more wrong?! Why, we haven't been this mad at the list since last year, or the year before that, or the year before that!! What we mean to say is, Matthew Rosenberg took to Twitter to call out the judges for leaving out fellow Black Mask creator Khary Randolph:

Well, we can't say we disagree. It's a great book.

Rosenberg also had some congratulations to hand out, starting with another Black Mask comic and one of our personal favorites:

Matt, you got a little… you got a little brown, right there… by the nose… still there… okay, you got it.

Alright Rosenberg, we get it! Stop being so nice to everyone. You're ruining our salacious tabloid news article.

Check out the full list of Eisner nominations here.

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