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Unboxing Ultimate Fallout #4
From a small London city park this morning... the unboxing of Ultimate Fallout #4, featuring the Black/Latino character Miles Morales... and a few other
Tuesday Trending Topics: Flesh Beneath The Mask
Ultimate Fallout #4 comes out in the morning from comic shops everywhere. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Fear Of A Black Spider-Man And this is how the USA Today audience reacted These are comments that haven't been removed for being offensive Haven't. New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Back In (Half) Black [SPOILER] Well, it's not Ben Reilly So, sorry any of you[...]
Educating Larry
There's a difference between being an iconoclastic attention grabber like, say, James Sime and someone who makes jokes about how a Black Spider-Man can't fight crime because he needs to get to KFC As a businessman, you seem to have gone out of your way to alienate potential customers So it's not just harming others,[...]