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Today, Two Major Marvel Characters Are Outed As Being Straight (SPOILERS)

This article contains spoilers for the final issue of the Black Vortex crossover, issue Omega, out today from Marvel Comics. Because while there may be one story being carried out in All-New X-Men #40, some may have missed the rather heterosexual shocker being carried out in this issue. Guardians In The Galaxy in the past […]

Who Will The Black Vortex Change… Forever? (Or At Least Until September?)

The Black Vortex, the main object of lust in the current Marvel crossover, part Seige Perilous and part traning ground for Sam Humphries to take over the X-Men books (pure speculation on my part you understand) has been transforming Marvel characters into cosmic godlike versions of themselves with a dangerous cost to their soul. But […]

Prints Charming: Multiversity To Black Vortex…

Consider this an irregular feature looking at comic books that have gone to second prints or more. Now, it is worth remembering that some publishers plan second prints automatically, whether they are needed or not and will often just run extra first print copies in the initial run, set them aside and put a second […]

All-New X-Men #37 To Be Published After #39

When this happens, you know there are some serious production issues. It happened with Spawn. It happened with Hawkeye. And now it's happening with All New X-Men. Because we have this Black Vortex crossover upon us, and already issues have come out featuring scenes that should have already been seen in other comic but haven't… […]

Trailer: Guardians Of The Galaxy & The X-Men: Black Vortex

I have to say I rather like the way Storm sees herself in the Black Vortex. Does seem to be twinned with the Siege Perilous. Anyway, here's a very pretty Marvel video trailer for the Black Vortex crossover, with Black Vortex Alpha out today… [youtube][/youtube] The Guardians of the Galaxy, the All-New X-Men, Nova, Captain […]

Wednesday Delays To Comics In The UK – Must Be Caught In The Black Vortex

Diamond UK has told British retailers that the following titles will not be arriving in stores this Wednesday, but the week after… 7th Sword #7, And Then Emily Was Gone Vol 1, Edward Scissorhands #4, LOAC Essentials HC Vol 6: Baron Bean 1917, Popeye Classics #31, Star Trek #41, Transformers: Dark Cybertron HC, Zombies Vs. Robots Warbook Omnibus TPB […]

Frankensteining Marvel Comics' Solicitations For April 2015 – (Final UPDATE)

Marvel Comics are pushing out their full solicitations a day earlier than usual – and DC of course put their out two months ahead of usual… Thanks to CBR, Geek Gusher, Newsarama and Comic Book for Cosmic, Spider-Man, Star Wars and Avengers books… developing… UNCANNY INHUMANS #0 CHARLES SOULE (w) • STEVE MCNIVEN (a/C) Variant Cover […]

Your First Look At Marvel's Black Vortex With X-Men And The Guardians Of The Galaxy

It's the X-Men/Guardians Of The Galaxy/Any Other Cosmic Waifs And Strays Hanging About event, Black Vortex, from Marvel Comics. And going through a little FOC-crisis right now to get those numbers up! Let's see if this preview of Black Vortex: Alpha does the trick… Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What would you give up […]

Bookmarks Reveals Which Books Crossover In The Black Vortex

Forget your Green Lantern rings, your Morbius false teeth or your Original Sin eyes! The Black Vortex crossover promotional item is… the reflective bookmark! Which you can pretend is the  ancient artifact of immense and immeasurable power, The Black Vortex, which has resurfaced on the far side of the galaxy! If you have a really good […]

Jean Grey For May. Or, Um, April.

You remember when we said that there would be a Jean Grey solo series from Marvel Comics announced at New York Comic Con. Well, it wasn't was it? I'm told it is still on the way, honest. Still from one of the Logan's Legacy teams. And to expect an April/May launch. Maybe it's the kind […]

Marvel Announces X-Men/Guardians Crossover, The Black Vortex With Ed McGuinness

Live from New York Comic Con, the Marvel Cup O Joe panel… Cosmic X-Men and Guardians crossover, with a cosmic Kitty Pryde, The Black Vortex... Combining The Legendary Star-Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Nova, All-New -Men and Cyclops, and begins with an Alpha bookend in February – both bookends by Ed McGuinness. It's a […]