“Bless Unleashed” has Improved Significantly, but is Still Familiar

"Bless Unleashed" has Improved Significantly, but is Still Familiar

The console version of Bless, titled Bless Unleashed, is very very different from it’s PC cousin The game is designed to be an action MMORPG that doesn’t adhere to the usual four-man party structure Rather, the game’s content should all be solo-able by any class The demo build of the game available at E3 just[...]

Bless Developers Release a Founder's Pack Preview Trailer

This week, NEOWIZ released a brand-new trailer for Bless showing off the Founders Pack that raised a storm a few weeks ago along with a bunch of price changes The company also seems to have updated its info on the Steam page regarding Early Access to the game We have some of that info for[...]