angry birds

"Angry Birds: Summer Madness": Netflix Nabs New Animated Series

While the "Angry Birds" franchise has been doing more than fine for itself in theaters, Cake and Rovio Entertainment are teaming up once again to bring the story of Red, Bomb, and Chuck to the streaming screens of Netflix in Angry Birds: Summer Madness Our trio are tweens in the middle of a summer camp[...]

Apologies, Bleeding Cool Service Today Interrupted By Bomb

It had nothing to do with DC Comics calling the authorities over a number of DC Timeline and 5G-related scoops I was working on today, but that workers at the neighbouring Soho Hotel had discovered an unexplored World War II bomb in the basement We were all evacuated, just like in the war, first to[...]

Chumscrubber Director Returning With Doppelgänger Drama The Look Of Love

This adds to the pile of interesting projects that Bening has coming down the pipe, from the Kristen Wiig comedy Imogene, Gillian Armstrong's curious remix of the Catherine the Great story that sees the Empress recast as a normal Australian woman, and Sally Potter's Bomb.Robin Williams is said to be on board for Posin's film[...]

Christina Hendricks Moving In To Join Elle Fanning And Alice Englert In Bomb

Bomb, eh? That's one of those film titles like, say, Superbad or Cop Out that seems immediately destined for a mocking reference on some old bod's film review radio show.*"It reviews itself," he'll say He always does.Yes Well.I'd actually say Bomb stands every chance of coming together It has been written, and will be directed[...]

Thor Press Kit Causes Terrorist Alert

And mysterious looking press kits built into briefcasesOne of which was thrown out by car magazine Automobile into a recycling bin.And the prescence of a nice looking briefcase in a dumpster in a bus station, with some very intriguing contents was enough for a call to be made, the bus station evacuated and the Michigan[...]