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Valiant's Book Of Death Sells Out, Goes To Second Print
Retailers responded on the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List to Valiant's launch for The Book Of Death #1 One single retailer was disappointed that it sold very poorly, compared with how many he had ordered However another talked about using the extra discount offered by Valiant to retailers, to pass the savings on to their customers, and[...]
Valiant's Book Of Death Variants Revisit Another Famous Comics Death….
Fake polybag BOOK OF DEATH @UltimateComics cover might just be the greatest retailer exclusive ever! @ValiantComics — Dinesh Shamdasani (@dinesh_s) June 23, 2015 From the twitter of Valiant Comics CEO himself comes validation for the Ultimate Comics retailer variant not-actually-polybagged covers for Valiant Book Of Death. Does that look familiar to you? How about the back? Ultimate Comics owner[...]
Book Of Death Concludes In The Valiant Solicitations For October 2015
Here we see the wrapping up of the Book Of Death event and a new story arc kicking off in Imperium #9. Book of Death #4 (of 4) Written by Robert Venditti Art by Robert Gill & Doug Braithwaite Covers by Cary Nord, Mico Suayan, Marguerite Sauvage, Pere Perez & Paolo Rivera An evil Geomancer has torn the[...]
New Characters, Deaths And Teases Of Valiant's Book Of Death #1 Out Today (SPOILERS)
Thar be spoilers ahead, arrrr. For months, Valiant has been promoting its summer crossover event, Book of Death, as the gateway to future of the next decade of the Valiant Universe, promising fans and retailers that each issue would come complete with a future sequence introducing new characters, killing others, and revealing crucial changes yet to[...]
An Early Look At Valiant's Book Of Death #2
Valiant has sent out an early look at the second issue of their summer event Book Of Death Written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite, the series focuses on the most powerful heroes of the Valiant Universe joining in the hunt for the new Geomancer who is suspected of plunging[...]
SDCC '15: Valiant Sales Staff Offer Their Cell Numbers To Retailers
So, as well as promoting their sales staff as ex-comic shore owners and workers who understand the market, they put everyone's cellphone numbers on the big screen. They also looked at the big markup retailers are getting on Book Of Death #1, and how a number of retailers are creating promotions to take advantages of it,[...]
Book Of Death #1 Hits Shops Next Week From Valiant
With all that's going on this week at SDCC, we don't want you to miss the fact that Valiant's Book Of Death #1 hits stores this week along with the retailer incentive series Legends Of The Geomancer and Drop Dead #3. Book Of Death #1 (of 4) Written by Robert Venditti  Art by Robert Gill & Doug Braithwaite  Covers[...]
Justice League And Book of Death Top Advance Reorders
And expectations over Valiant's Book Of Death have seen that series rocket as well, placing five items in the chart And don't forget the Secret Wars books, as certain rumours about Cap and Bucky seem to have pushed demand for issue 3 There's a lot of excitement for the Island anthology And the second issue[...]
Valiant's Major Announcements From Twitter HQ Via Periscope In One Week's Time #ValiantSummit
Who this year, it seems, are going to make a bunch of pre-SDCC announcements about their future at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, via Periscope, for something called #ValiantSummit. In attendance will be Valiant creators Robert Venditti and Jen Van Meter as well as Valiant's execs and editorial staffers Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, and Hunter Gorinson  Expect news on their upcoming summer event Book of Death, as well as[...]
Book Of Death: The Fall Of Harbinger Leads Valiant September Solicitations
They include Book of Death: The Fall of Harbinger #1 and new story arcs for Bloodshot Reborn and Ivar, Timewalker. Book Of Death #3 (of 4) Written by Robert Venditti  Art by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite  Covers by Cary Nord, Clayton Crain, Stephen Segovia, Pere Perez and Paolo Rivera The force behind the fall of the Valiant Universe stands[...]
First Look At Book Of Death: The Fall Of Bloodshot #1
Book of Death: the Fall of Bloodshot #1 is from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Braithwaite and will hit shops on July 22nd. The lovers he's known, the allies he's trusted… All will eventually return to dust… But will the nanites that transformed Bloodshot – body, mind and soul – ever let him truly rest?[...]
Read The First Six Pages Of Book Of Death #1 From Valiant
Valiant has sent over a new preview for the Book of Death #1 The issue kicks off their big summer event and is written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite Here we have the first six page of the issue and this time they're lettered. The Valiant heroes X-O Manowar Bloodshot[...]