Power Rangers Pop COllage

Power Rangers Funko Morphing Into Stores in August

Power Rangers Funko Pops are about to take over your local Pop shelves. Get ready for a whole wave of awesome Power Rangers Funko goodness everywhere you find Funko products. Let's go over everything that will be available. "You've Got The Power!" Saban's Power Rangers is celebrating 25 years of action packed superhero television fun […]

Fraggle Rock Funko Pops Push The Nostalgia Button

Fraggle Rock holds a special place in people's hearts. Especially people who grew up in the 1980's. It is actually pretty adorable how much people enjoy that show. In recent years we have gotten comics, action figures, and other various pieces of merchandise. I was actually shocked that there was not already Funko Pops in […]

Teen Titans Go! Get A Wave Of Creative Pops Again

Teen Titans Go! has gotten some pretty great Pops. They have been releasing the Titans in various disguises and costumes and they have been a treat to find in stores. The Ravens that were exclusive to Toys R Us were especially cool. So this new wave of TTG Pops are for sure going to be […]

aladdin funko

Aladdin Funko Pops To Occupy The Little Collection Space You Have Left

Aladdin has been one of the most-requested sets of Disney characters to be made into Funko Pops, but they hadn't been touched — until now! Funko is excited to introduce Disney's classic film Aladdin to Pop! This series features Aladdin, a new take on new take on Princess Jasmine, Jasmine's best friend and protector Rajah, and […]

Funko DC Bombshells Supergirl Pop

Funko Unveils Second Series Of 'DC Bombshells' Pop! Vinyl Figures

DC Bombshells have been a cash cow for DC Comics since The New 52 era when the original variant covers were all the rage. Based on the success of the first wave of very successful Bombshell Pops, Funko has decided to put out a second series of the hit figures. Some of these are even […]

New Wave Of Game Of Thrones Funko Pops Coming…Tormund Is A Must-Buy

Game of Thrones I love you so. Everyone loves Game of Thrones it seems, and pretty much everyone also loves Funko Pops. Thrones is one of the biggest subsets of Pops, and with good reason. The upcoming new wave has some of the coolest characters on the show, along with some much-needed updates to old […]

A Pop Is A Pop, No Matter How Small! Dr. Seuss Funko Revealed

Funko has revealed a new wave of Dr. Seuss pops today. There will be many exclusives for this wave I am sure, here we get a look at the regular releases and a Books A Million exclusive Cat In the Hat Pop. Personally, these will be must own for sure, with me needing to find […]

Vampirella Gets A Fried Pie Look, Thanks To Books-A-Million And Jenny Frison

Yesterday we mentioned that ex-Marvel and DC senior editor Matt Idelson had joined Dynamite in an editorial role. Dynamite seem to have had a habit of hiring staff who didn't make the move west, indeed they seem to currently make a majority of employees at the New Jersey publisher. That kind of appointment can't help but draw […]

Frank Forte Brings Robutts To Bob's Burgers Retailer Exclusive Cover

Artist Frank Forte has done up a retailer exclusive cover for the new on-going Bob's Burger series from Dynamite. The retailer is Books-A-Million and there will be only 2,000 copies printed for the book being released on July 1st. Books-A-Million customers can pre-order a copy at Books-A-Million online. Forte has worked on the Bob's Burgers television […]

Jae Lee Covers Swords Of Sorrow For Second Largest U.S. Bookstore Chain

When we were talking about retailer exclusives and Dynamite's by all-female written summer event Swords Of Sorrow, it seemed like a lot of retailers had faith in this series. Well, now the second largest book store in the nation, Books-A-Million has signed up for an exclusive cover of the first issue and artist Jae Lee […]

Marvel Comics Saying Goodbye To Newsstand?

Breaking the story on Barnes & Noble no longer selling single Marvel comics (but still selling DC, Dark Horse, Archie and the like) seems to have expanded into something larger. Following up on Bleeding Cool's article, GoodReader has confirmed that Marvel are no longer selling their single comics to Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, though […]