New Wave Of Game Of Thrones Funko Pops Coming…Tormund Is A Must-Buy

Game of Thrones I love you so. Everyone loves Game of Thrones it seems, and pretty much everyone also loves Funko Pops. Thrones is one of the biggest subsets of Pops, and with good reason. The upcoming new wave has some of the coolest characters on the show, along with some much-needed updates to old favorites as well. These may be some of the best Thrones Pops they have done so far, it really is something to see how far they have come adding detail and improving their sculpts as much as they have. I will also say that I like that it has its very own numbering on the boxes, the TV series is so big on its own that I like to be able to just look at certain series and just automatically know how many I need to track down and collect.

Old favorites include awesome updates for the resurrected Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister (only way this could have been better is as a deluxe Pop on the Iron Throne, but I have one of those so I will just lace her on there), and Tyrion Lannister. New Pops include Bran Stark, a deluxe Wun Wun pop that stands at 6 inches tall and a bunch of arrows sticking all over him. That is cool looking. My favorite however is the Tormund Giantsbane Pop. They really knocked this one out of the park. Of course he has his big orange beard and hair, and wearing his giant overcoat, sword drawn. It is exactly how I would picture a pop figure of Tormund. But I need more! Give me him riding a horse in a Pop Ridez or deluxe Pop! I will buy them all. Lastly, Books A Million will get an exclusive 2 pack release of the Jon Snow and Bran Stark figures together.

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