Fraggle Rock Funko Pops Push The Nostalgia Button

Fraggle Rock holds a special place in people's hearts. Especially people who grew up in the 1980's. It is actually pretty adorable how much people enjoy that show. In recent years we have gotten comics, action figures, and other various pieces of merchandise. I was actually shocked that there was not already Funko Pops in existence. I swear I remember them coming out when the Sesame Street ones did, but I guess not.

Fraggle Rock Funko Pops

Funko is excited to introduce Jim Henson's
Fraggle Rock coming to Pop! vinyl this winter!

This series features the Fraggles, the short,
furry creatures who live in a network of magical caves!
Including Boober wearing his brown cap and scarf, the explorer Gobo,
and Mokey the dreamer, the oldest of the Fraggle Five.

Completing the series is the athletic and energetic Red,
also Wembley wearing his palm tree shirt.

Each Fraggle comes complete with their own
Doozer – the creatures who love to work all day long.

Each and every one of these is adorable. They all come with a little mini Doozer as well. Genius move that one. Of all of these the must own for me is Boober, they really nailed that hat and hair combo there. Wembley also looks great. His shirt has great detail on it.

Fraggle Rock Funko Pop Exclusives

Exclusives are part of every Funko Pop wave. This one is no different. A flocked Red can be found at Books A Million. And Sprocket only sees release at Toys R Us. That is a little strange. You always hope that the exclusives will be variations and not whole new characters. I would think people getting these Fraggle Rock Pops would want a Sprocket. TRU exclusives usually are not too difficult to find though so you should be ok.

These will be in stores in December. You can preorder some here.

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