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Lady Death: Apocalypse Gets Over-sized Finale
Boundless Comics series Lady Death: Apocalypse wraps up with an over-sized finale that includes a special pin-up and behind-the-scenes gallery Lady Death: Apocalypse #6 will be in comic shops on Wednesday July 8th. Lady Death: Apocalypse #6 Apocalypse wraps up in this stunning oversized final issue!  All stands revealed as we see that Satyricon has been pulling[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week – War Goddess #8
Meanwhile, the human/spider hybrid Widow has a deep, dark secret. Boundless Comics has provided a short preview of the action here: War Goddess #8 comes to us courtesy of horror writer Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Stitched, Night of the Living Dead) and artist Andres Ponce, and is available in three cover variants: Regular, Sultry, and Wraparound editions.   War[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Max Brooks & WonderCon 2012
 Come prepared with questions… and prepared for awesomeness! Avatar Press will also be offering a handful of variant comics exclusive to the show.  First, from David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade, Avatar presents the WonderCon exclusive edition of the chilling werewolf epic: Ferals #1 WonderCon Edition.  Also, from their sister company Boundless Comics, they will offer the[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: Lady Death #14
Created by Brian Pulido in December of 1991, she's traversed the industry at a variety of different publishers, finally finding its home at Boundless Comics, the now-and-future home for All Things Bad Girl With Pulido still at the helm, and partnered alongside veteran horror scribe Mike Wolfer (War Goddess, Stitched), this gothic fantasy consistently sells[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: War Goddess #5
Check it out! [issuu width=550 height=423 shareMenuEnabled=false showHtmlLink=false printButtonEnabled=false shareButtonEnabled=false searchButtonEnabled=false documentId=120205211409-c7d7f8c843e24575badfaa22327ad6ee name=wargoddess5-preview username=avatarpress tag=andres%20ponce unit=px id=06a04b07-ac20-44b9-0103-9f587dee4f98 v=2] As always, Boundless Comics offers a diverse selection of covers to appeal to each reader's personal tastes[...]