First Trailer For Richard Linklaters Boyhood

First Trailer For Richard Linklater's Boyhood

Other long-gestating films have nothing on Richard Linklater, who painstakingly shot the feature-length Boyhood a bit at a time over 12 years And now the first trailer has been released, promising that it's been well worth the wait.You may have seen some version of this via Access Hollywood last week, but isn't it so much[...]

A Good Year for The Illustrious Richard Linklater

A Good Year for The Illustrious Richard Linklater

But Texas-based filmmaker Richard Linklater has done something unprecedented, condensing twelve years worth of footage into his seminal Boyhood The film follows a young man’s physical and emotional growth from the age of seven to eighteen.Formal innovation is what many have to come to expect from Linklater, who has long since been recognized as a[...]