Why DC's Infinite Crisis and Superboy Prime are Very Relevant Right Now

One need only look to the US election campaign, the ascension of Trump, Brexit, the rise of more hardcore conservative values There are so many people looking back instead of looking forward Who see a world around them vastly different from what they nostalgically remember and are terrified And in that fear, they turn to[...]

Brexit Has Made The Vive Even Less Accessible In Britain

However, it seems the Brexit has just made some Vive early adopters a little better.It's been announced by HTC that the Vive is getting a price hike from £689 to £759 (around $92 increase) In a blog post, HTC said: HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we are providing our customers with the best value[...]

Brexit Pushes Up Price Of US Comics By Up To 25% In Three Days Time

The collapse of the pound sterling against the US dollar as a result of Great Britain's referendum result to leave the European Union, has today had its effect on the price of comic books. Diamond Comic Distributors has informed comic book stores that prices have increased as a result of changes in exchange rates, the […]

John Oliver's 4th Of July Message To Americans

John Oliver from Last Week Tonight on HBO posted a web exclusive video talking about the 4th of July and all the things Americans are missing out on since we did our own Brexit back in 1776.[youtube][/youtube] With half our the staff here at Bleeding Cool being British while the other half is American (and[...]

7 Thoughts About Brexit, The Night After

Why Did Britain Vote BrexitIt has been easy to dismiss the vote as some racist, xenophobic tribal roar If that were the case, the vote would never have commanded the support it did Instead there were plenty of political ideologues, wedded to the idea of a more direct democracy, who were opposed to EU corruption,[...]

Brexit: Independence Day: The Movie: Recut

Because no trailer can have too many colons… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Brexit: Independence Day: The Movie: Recut ( Final image courtesy of Jeremiah Tolbert.

Comic Book Creators Wake Up To Brexit

And reactions. supporters celebrate their victory. A photo posted by Ales Kot (@ales_kot) on Jun 23, 2016 at 8:51pm PDTBut there was one person the world turned to for understanding in such an event.... like he's not moving to Canada anymore folks! Not until Scotland votes Yes next year and rejoins the European Union of course.My[...]

Comics Creators On The European Referendum #VoteLeave #StrongerIn #Brexit #Remain

Next week, Britain votes in a Referendum on whether of not the country should Leave the European Union or Remain within it The polls (and bookies) currently show an expected result for the Leave campaign, but this is subject to events. Which, tragically, now includes the terrorist murder yesterday of Labour MP, Jo Cox, backer […]