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Flashpoint Beyond
Atlantis has done its own Brexit and has walled up Great Britain against the rest of the world No one gets in or out, even with a blue passport And they are threatening to drown the place And then everyone else.  That's right folks, it's War. 12 The giant squids are also back. Flashpoint Beyond did it eleven[...]
doctor who
Incomplete and unsatisfying defines Chibnall's era of Doctor Who. A Doctor for the Brexit Era is Miserable The Doctor of past eras was always an anti-establishment figure, contemptuous of authority who believed trust had to be earned They frequently brought down entire regimes and governments for being unfair and exploitative The monsters and killer robots of those[...]
Prime Minister Boris Johnson - From Hulk To Iron Man?
In 2019 in an interview with the Mail On Sunday, he talked about Brexit saying that "Banner might be bound in manacles, but when provoked he would explode out of them Hulk always escaped, no matter how tightly bound in he seemed to be – and that is the case for this country We will[...]
Krakoa And Brexit
Courtesy of Brexit, haulage firms in the British Isles estimate that one pallet of goods, which previously would have cost around £100 to ship, now costs an extra £50 to £350 for all the new administration costs needed for goods destined for Northern Ireland from mainland Britain Even though Northern Ireland and the rest of[...]
Gosh Comics Of London, Still Open, Waiving Delivery Charges
And it seems that, after Brexit, there are repeated border, customs, and sales issues between Britain and the rest of the European Union, often down to paperwork, customs checks, and delays Many companies have reported such issues, some relocating to mainland Europe as a result And even stuff that was meant to have been agreed,[...]
Kevin Feige Asks Cyclops For His Story, In Today's X-Men (Spoilers)
And a complete allegory for Brexit And one that Captain Britain herself is not that pleased about. Excalibur #21 But there is some disquiet about the future of the Braddock lighthouse on the Cornish coast, and a direct portal to Otherworld, as are similar lighthouses on many worlds, and once the home to Excalibur. Excalibur #21 It appears that[...]
Dominic Cummings References Spider-Man-Pointing Meme To Parliament
Seen as the principal figure in the Vote Leave campaign over Brexit, and played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the subsequent Channel 4 drama, he was brought into government when Boris Johnson was elected Prime Minister with a wide-ranging brief to deliver Brexit, but was also a major figure during the days of the pandemic His[...]
Judge Dredd Publisher Incensed Over Brexit Price of Importing Horses
He also has a bit of a sideline in medieval reenactments and it may be that the jousting sie of this is causing him problems. Today, Jason Kingsley posted to Facebook "I know it's a luxury thing and a first world problem to complain about but, due to Brexit rules changes, importing a decent horse from[...]
CBLDF – Defending Whistleblowers, Challenging Algorithms and Brexit?
However, as a result, the CBLDF saw many partner publishers and organisations pull away from the body, as revelations regarding NDAs that the organisation had made people sign were lifted, board members retired and resigned, as accounts were given and shared. CBLDF – Defending Whistleblowers, Challenging Algorithms and Brexit? The meeting was attended by Education Director, Karen[...]
How Brexit Affects Marvel Comics Today, In The Union #2
And it's the first issue published after Brexit was all finalised Something some comic book stores are having difficulty with – especially those outside the UK Such as Big Bang Comics in Ireland, which is having to deal with a) only being able to order comics through Diamond UK, not allowed to open a Diamond[...]
Brits Can't Post Anything Abroad Right Now?
This, of course, hitting just before the inevitable massive jump in postage costs after Brexit next weekend, likely all the worse because of a likely No Deal situation, is just peak British hellscape right now F-ck, honestly, between all this, my bullsh-t government and the chaos of Brexit literally just around the corner, I dunno[...]
Diego Luna is set to star in the upcoming Rogue One prequel series, courtesy of Disney.
Stellan Skarsgard (Chernobyl) and Kyle Soller (Brexit) are signing up to join Diego Luna (Narcos) when he reprises his role as Rebel Alliance officer Cassian Andor in the upcoming Disney+ Rogue One prequel series Though representatives from Disney declined to confirm Variety's reporting, the two actors are reportedly in final negotiations for undisclosed roles Original[...]
SCOOP: New Marvel British Superhero Team Comic Launches In Empyre
Bleeding Cool understands a new comic monthly comic from Marvel will star classic Invaders character Union Jack, alongside one hero from each of the main countries in the United Kingdon, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, just as we are all going through Brexit And naturally, for a British superhero team, they will debut in[...]
Private Eye Magazine Presents a Real-Life Brexit Fantasy
But their cover is a treat, creating a fantasy novel-style cover to celebrate Britain's exit from the European Union, Brexit, and parodying the milk-and-honey promises of the Prime Minister, underlying racist rhetoric and issues over fishing rights All in one go. Private Eye Magazine, running for over fifty years, is probably the greatest influence on my[...]