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Next week, Britain votes in a Referendum on whether of not the country should Leave the European Union or Remain within it

The polls (and bookies) currently show an expected result for the Leave campaign, but this is subject to events.

Which, tragically, now includes the terrorist murder yesterday of Labour MP, Jo Cox, backer of Remain but a man who shouted the slogan "Britain First", one of a far right pro-Leave movement. They have condemned the attack.

ClE7SBHWYAAG87ATom Humberstone has a good take in comic book form right here, albeit from a Remain-biased side.

It may also be worth noting that a Leave vote is expected to see a crash in the value of the UK pound sterling from a jittery financial market which would lead to higher prices for American comic books, but higher paypackets for British creators working for American publishers. And a vote for Remain would do the opposite.

But what are the comic book creators saying?

Mark Millar is the most outspoken comics creator for leaving the European Union, a position he has held often in direct opposition with political allegiances he has forged, both with the SNP and Labour.

He told Scottish TV station STV,

We on the Left were the first Eurosceptics and we're facing the most important vote in our lifetimes. A chance like this is never coming back and, make no mistake, voting Remain is not a vote for the status quo as you or I understand it.

The EU is being rapidly realigned as a state by itself with a president, a currency and very soon an army. We're heading into something that's not only going to be a monster, a politician's dream where the people with power are appointed not elected, but a total failure in every sense.

Europe is falling apart and the solution to this catastrophe is surely not more of the very same problem that kicked off the troubles. We need to get out while we still can and continue what's been good for us (like several progressive employment laws) through our democratic parliaments here in the UK.



While everyone else, literally every other comic book creator I could find, is voting Remain, heading in that direction or is neutral. Including many of Mark Millar's friends and co-workers.

Paul Cornell, posted,

The bookies have now moved 'vote leave' from 6/1 to 3/1. It's going to be close. If it does happen, Cameron is going to go down in history as one of the worst ever Prime Ministers. He'll have called a referendum for narrow party interests, to stave off the threat of UKIP, he'll have then lost that referendum, and he'll have effectively ended the Union (because Scotland will be off), as well as creating vast uncertainty and economic chaos.

But above all, he's put Brit against Brit, in an increasingly harsh debate about which the public turn out to be split almost exactly down the middle. A lot of those people live next door to each other. He's exacerbated hostility across the country.

I still feel very bleak about the possibilities. I don't want to see Daily Mail readers dancing in the streets, with the other half the country staring at them in horror.

Sorry, I know this has become an almost weekly post of doom, but the good weather seems to have allowed the focus to drift off the weight of this, and it's very soon now, and we have to stop it.

And there are many a tweet.

Though regarding the death of Jo Cox, Mark Millar sees a parallel.

Anna Lindh was a Swedish MP, a member of the Social Democratic party when she was assassinated in 2003. She supported the referendum for Sweden to join the Euro currency, which was to take place weeks later. Campaigning was suspended and although it was believed this would help the pro-Euro vote, Sweden rejected the Euro (though they remain, like Britain, in the European Union. for now.)

If anyone believes in a  conspiracy, there's hardly evidence for a successful one.

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